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Fandom Fic Art Week at @TwiFicPics

As ange de l’aube once elegantly put it, the Twific graphic artists are a bit like house-elves. They are always hidden, not to be seen or heard, but they always get the job done. They’re the amazing people who make the banners for your stories and the headers for your websites. They are the visual representation of the Twilight fandom. 

Now is the time to celebrate those artists. The week of January 1, 2012, we invite you to honor your favorite banner-makers, designers, and graphic artists on the main wall of

I have always said without the graphic artists, we would have a nekkid fandom. Now is the chance for us all to give thanks and appreciation to these amazing people.

What to Do:

Fill out the Fandom Fic Art Week Form, and tell us why you appreciate an artist!

We will be posting your notes on the wall of throughout the week of January 1, 2012.

Important Links:

What Fills The Eyes Fills The Heart by TwoTwiMoms

What Fills The Eyes Fills the Heart 

Summary: Bella is an erotic romance novelist who finds herself in a pub to escape her roommate's animalistic "romps". While at the pub, she meets sexy, Irish Edward. On St. Patrick's Day she gets a romp of her own but can she make the romance last longer?

Where did the idea for Irishward come from?
"Well that's really a funny answer. You see I came up with the basic story line of Bella going to a bar  to get away from the noise of her roommate. Karen had a suggestion to make it an Irish pub and make Edward Irish. Neither of us speak Gaelic at all. The accent we kinda of created based on another story Karen had been reading and research on the internet. Oh and all the sexy sayings Edward says in Gaelic that was all translated via the internet. Who knew an Edward with a sexy accent was going to catch on like it did."  - TwiMom817
Who knew? Everyone in love with Irishward knew!

After reading A Special Life by TwiMom817, I started poking around her profile and came across What Fills The Eyes Fills The Heart, a collaboration with Kare831 and have been hooked from chapter 1.

What Fills The Eyes Fills The Heart is a sweet and romantic story. I completely love "Irishward" and all his sexy Gaelic charm. He's sweet, considerate, and head over heels in love with Bella. And Bella, she is a erotic romance writer, laptop always in hand. They meet one night in Edward's bar, and sparks fly, completely smitten with one another. They both have some past traumas to get through, but are determined to make their love work despite a few obstacles. 

This is one of those stories that you just want to curl up with. It is well written, vivid in description, and the verbiage is just lush. You are completely carried away in to the writers world. 

I've wanted to profile these ladies for some time and the opportunity has now finally presented itself. WFTEFTH was originally written for Fandom Giveback - Autism Speaks, a cause these lovely ladies support. They have also participated in a few other causes, generously donating their time and stories. Their most recent, Fandom Givesback, there was a bidding offered by writers for one shots. When I saw Two TwiMoms on the list of writers, I bidded for them and won! I now have my own personal Irishward futuretake. And it is amazing!! Now, I know it a tease to say that because it is not posted, but it will be when the story concludes. We wouldn't want to give anything away!

Read What Fills The Eyes Fills The Heart. Put the writers on author alert and follow my blog so you to can read the fabulous futuretake when posted. 

And stop by TwiMuses tomorrow for an interview with TwiMom817 and Kare831. You will love getting to know them.

"Tá tú iontach álainn, agus tá tú mianach."

Kare831 - FF Profile   TwiMom817 - FF Profile 
Two TwiMoms Blogspot 

@TwiFicPics Graphic Awards - VOTING IS OPEN

The TwiFic Graphic Awards


* Fandom Fanatic has been nominated in the website categories - please check out and vote! *

Despite the common adage, people always judge books by their covers. A book with interesting symmetry and appealing colors is far more likely to be picked up than a monstrosity of boring text and horribly composed pictures.

In the TwiFic community, we have many creative individuals who spend a great deal of time designing artistry that makes our fandom look fantastic. Designers can convey the mood and tone of a story in a single graphic by making banners or blinkies. Web developers generate hours of entertainment by giving us a place to congregate, gather news, and discuss fanfiction. All the while, these craftsmen make it look pretty and effortless.

The TwiFic Graphic Awards is here to honor those artists that truly excel at their craft.

After the first round of voting, the field has been narrowed in all of the categories and the official nominations and final round of voting are here! The nominees, complete with the list of artists, can be found through the links below. Please note, the Judges Awards will be based on all entries submitted, not just the ones sent through to the final round.

To cast your vote in the public round of voting, click here or go to voting.

Thank you for your participation and please remember to Appreciate an Artist!

Banner Nominations – Visual Categories
Banner Nominations – Genre Categories
Banner Nominations – Technical Categories
Banner Nominations – Animation Categories
Banner Nominations – Overall Categories
Blinkie Nominations
Website Nominations

@ageofedward Contest

Age of Edward Contest - 2012

Chances are you remember this contest from the past two years. 

It has been a great success, giving authors old and new a chance to participate in a wholly unique sort of one/shot contest, writing an Edward from a particular historical era. 

This year the contest will commence on January 2, 2012 and will run until February 5, 2012, at which point all entries must be submitted. 

Winners will be announced March 1, 2012. 

There are two categories: literotica and young adult (for those who don’t write smut and for those who do). 

More info, visit 
and check out the 2012 Criteria page. 

Meet the judges at 
Follow Edward on Twitter, he’s always tweeting the latest concerning the contest @ageofedward 

Good luck!

How To Paint A House by Maggie's Gutter

How To Paint A House by Maggie's Gutter

Summary: Bella Swan is a naive fifteen year old, set to spend another kiss-less summer alone. Edward is new to town, and doesn't know a soul. Watch an unlikely friendship blossom over the simple task of painting a house. But for these two, nothing is simple.

Have you ever had a story that grabs you and won't let go? A story that you just can't wait for the update on and get upset when you have to wait too long? An unexpected obsession? A story that you constantly think about?

How To Paint A House is that story for me.

Initially when it first published in June, I didn't pay much attention to it. I'd seen it rec'd and tweeted. When I checked the summary, it was a high school story. I didn't go any further. High school stories are just not for me. I wind up losing interest a few chapters in or become irritated with the high school shenanigans. I am just to old for high school.  

Be that as it may, my attention was once again drawn to the tweeting and rec'ing. This time I chose to check the story out and lay my curiosity to rest. Well, I was completely stunned, gobsmacked, astonished, and giddy. Yes, giddy. How To Paint A House is an amazingly wonderful story. The author, Maggie's Gutter, I've never seen her on Twitter and she has no blog. I've never read anything else she has written. She is completely unknown to me. And I consider myself a pretty astute stalker of the writers. I either know them or have heard of them. Nothing. Obviously there is a mission that lays before me.

How To Paint A House is a wonderfully written, well thought out story. It is realistic emotionally and physically. The writer brings you back to high school with all the awkwardness, misunderstandings, immaturity, show boating, love, and heart break that goes along with coming of age. There is no magical understanding of feelings, there is stumbling, as it should be. No gratuitous sex. But there is making out. Learning how to kiss. Shy touches. This is the high school I remember. The real high school.

The story is basically a 15 yr old girl and a 17 yr old boy that really like each other and want to be together, but due to various circumstances, things are difficult for them. A simple premise but completely fraught with nuances and texture.

It is a story of reality. A reality I remember.

I am completely hooked and in love with this story. It is a story that is worth your time. I sat and read all 17 chapters in one sitting and am now chomping at the bit for more. 

"I was going to get kissed, it was really happening.
And then it did…
 A low laugh shook his chest, before soft wet heaven touched my mouth lightly, grazing my lips like a feather. Then a hand gripped the back of my head, tangling fingers into my hair and pulled me up to meet his mouth. I parted my lips slightly, then he pressed his lips to me again, and not knowing what else to do, I pressed my lips into his…kissing him back. I was kissing him back!"      __________________________________________________ 

 Maggie's Gutter - FF Profile

Ho, Ho Ohh! by @lizzylillyrose

Ho, Ho Ohh!

Summary: Christmas comes early for Bella as she visits a toy department and has her own visit to Santa. Every woman's fantasy comes true as Santa gives her his own private present. Christmassy fluff! Rated M

With Christmas upon us, I found it only fitting that this week's one shot rec be a Christmas theme. I know there are so many new one's popping up daily, but Ho, Ho Ohh! is a favorite of mine.

This is a fun, sexy, and sizzling Christmas romp with Edward and Bella. Edward is Santa and naturally Bella is the naughty last minute shopper looking for a lap to sit upon. This story still makes me laugh and squirm.

An oldie but a goodie I always say...
"My eyes widened at his sudden awareness of me, and my breath caught as he raised one hand and curled his finger, beckoning me towards him."
"Me?" I queried, looking nervously behind my back into the store. There was no one around; everyone had left for the day. My feet urged my body forward until I stood in front of him. His green eyes gazed into mine and he patted his lap. I felt hypnotized by his stare and dutifully sat sideways across his knee.
"Not like that." He smirked. "Sit astride me." His voice was rich and deep, and I didn't miss the tone of his words, each one spoken with seductive authority.
"This feels so wrong... but so right."

You can find more fabulous stories from lizzylillyrose on her blog or follow her on Twitter  for some fun.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

Manip by @AnIllicitWriter

@autismspeaks...Year End Giving

Be aware...Be knowledgeable...Please support

Fantastic article...Extravagant Christmas on Rhema's Blog  
Be sure to check it out!

"One of the perfect themes of Christmas is giving. The Son of God came down to give life, peace, and joy to all who accept His gift. All around, this season, we have opportunities to give and share with others. I will never forget how my friend Jess and her family and so many others gave and gave and gave to us…"   (from Rhema's Hope)

On twitter - @autismspeaks
Autism Speaks - Website
Autism Speaks - Market Place

My Favorites For The @TwiAngstContest

Season of Our Discontent was a fabulous and highly anticipated contest. And if you love angst as much as I do, I am positive you were chomping at the bit as each entry was posted. And because it was a contest and anonymous to boot, all sites were asked to refrain from promoting any particular story individually but we could promote the contest on a whole. But now with the announcement of the winners, we are free to chat and promote away!

Back in August when the contest was announced, I posted the announcement and I used prompt #1 as the banner. It is the same picture that I am using on this post. To me, it epitomizes so much of what angst truly is and just reached out to me. It was by far my most favorite and the most difficult of the 10 prompts offered.

I read each and every entry that came in and was thrilled there were so much participation. No two stories were a like, each had very unique angles, and all hurt my belly in some form or another. It was by far one of the best contests I have seen in the fandom and can only hope it continues yearly.

I chose two stories as my favorites for entirely different reasons. I have re-read them countless times and still can not pick one over the other. I hail the judges trying to choose the outcome, very difficult task they undertook.

My Favorites -

Face the Rain by Sarita Dreaming

This story used prompt #1 so naturally I was immediately drawn to it. It was definitely a good sign. It really wasn't an easy prompt at all but if it spoke to you, it would be an amazing story. And it is. The writer has even said there is a possibility of a future take. I would love that. To know how Edward turns out? A continuation of a one shot is always a thrill for me.

Summary: Edward Masen had it all. One tragic night changed everything. A night forever etched behind his eyes. A cross, a gnarled tree, a necklace, and a girl with beautiful brown eyes. All paths lead back to her, but is it enough to save a dead man walking?

Face The Rain is a story of desperate despair and self destruction. Of mistakes, assumptions, and misplaced guilt slowly eating away at any hope for a future. It ends with the hope of a slowly evolving new beginning. We don't know if there is a HEA for Edward, but there is the thought that maybe there could be.
"Gazing up to where she's pointing, I see several tiny green leaves budding on the branches just over our heads. I swear I can hear the booming laugh of my brother and feel his hand on my back."

A Swirl of Circles and Stars by Tkegl

This story used prompt #9. After reading the story, I understood the choice but can not for the life of me figure out how the writer came up with her story, but what a breathtakingly amazing story it is.

Summary: All his life, Edward Cullen has had visions of the future…visions that always came true. But when he foresees a tragedy that could cost him everything, he'll do whatever it takes to keep it from happening.

A Swirl of Circles and Stars broke my heart and still does every time I read it. A story of tragedy that slowly slips in to the realm of madness. In this story, Edward's hope and salvation is the madness. There is no HEA except in Edward's mind, if you choose to look at it that way. That's what I saw, his happiness in the end, as disturbing as it was.
"But one thing always remained the same.
Edward, his face weathered and wrinkled, wild hair white with age, sitting at the same worn picnic table, his arm extended in front of him, palm up.
He laughs, unseeing eyes glowing with love, and a beatific smile on his face."

Both these stories were amazingly beautiful, well written, tugged at your heart, made you cry, and gave you hope. I loved them both.

To read all the entries & the reveal of the amazing writers - FF profile

Master May I by @smmiskimen

Master May I by @smmiskimen

Summary: Edward is Bella's Master and is very particular in the playroom. But his sweet pet knows how to make him happy. E&B, AH, OOC!  

Drabbles are not usually my favorite stories to follow, due manly because of my lack of attention span. I find I get frustrated with the shortness of them as well as lack of any real POV. And though updated daily, some times even a few times a day, I just wind up losing interest. 

Master May I seems to be the exception for me. I find myself looking for these updates every evening. @smmiskimen is writing a drabble that I am completely hooked with. It is a BDSM story, and I love a well written BDSM story. These are very difficult stories to write. You really have to know what your talking about as well as be able to consistently clarify the POV's. That is essential in any BDSM story, the POV's. I still miss All Of Me by Flibbens and The Submissive trilogy by TaraSueMe. These stories are what I hold the bar to on any BDSM story I read or attempt to read.

Master May I is a true drabble. 100 words with daily updates. The story is simply about Master and his Sweet Pet. And though a drabble, you are getting a story with a clear understanding of where the writer is taking you. You are understanding the scene, you are given a bit of a background, fabulous POV's where you are not questioning what is going on nor are you questioning Master and his Sweet Pet's relationship.

There really isn't much more I can say about Master May I except, read it! If you like drabbles and love a well written BDSM story, this is for you. If you are anything like me and lack an adult attention span, you will stick with it and not loss interest. Definitely one of my favorite drabbles I have come across.

I hear him walk into the room; his steps echo across the areas of exposed concrete. I'm kneeling facing away from him, perfectly on my pillow. My hands are clasped behind my head, my knees are spread as far as they can go, and my chest is pushed out just how my master likes it. I can only see the floor between my knees as my eyes are downcast. My master doesn't allow me to look at him unless he specifically requests it or I ask as he has ordered. His feet appear in front of me.

"Master may I…"

You can find more stories by smmiskimen - FF profile

My Favorites:
The Submissive trilogy TaraSueMe - FF profile
All Of Me by Flibbens - Twilighted  (story is incomplete, but I still love it)

Russian Roulette by @Vampiremama

Russian Roulette by @Vampiremama
One Shot - Winner: To Kill A Cullen Contest Published: 12/22/09

Summary: Six Friends sit in a room and pass around a gun, who will make it out alive? 

Sometimes when you finish a story you love by a favorite writer, you still want more. That's how I feel about a Beautiful Savage. Such a good story and such a different story line. Vampiremama has given us one outtake with the promise of another. So while I am pining away for more Savageward, I started nosing around her FF profile. And what did I find? Russian Roulette. This a dark and very OCC little one shot. It was the winner of the To Kill A Cullen contest and completely deserved every accolade. 

I am not usually one for the darker side of fan fic, unless angst related, but Russian Roulette changed my mind. Granted, this is an older story and might not be familiar to many, but this oldie but a goodie needs to be brought back for a new breath of fresh air.

The "Cullens" are not our typical Cullens. They are AH and my beloved Edward is apparently a coach potato with no focus. Bella is his friend, but he definitely wants her and Bella has been in love with him for two years, but Bella is with Emmett who is also with Rosalie on the side. Very odd little goings on there. The focus of the story is Carlisle, a very OCC Carlisle. Not a good sort at all and his "passion" for the game and the reasons behind it will really stun you.

The story continues going around the circle as each take a turn and all the while, Vampiremama fills you in on all their sorted little lives and quirks. And the finale...BANG...but who???

I liked this little one shot a lot. It completely took me off guard. Filled me with enough details to understand the characters and story line. Entertained me. And totally surprised me.

Definitely give it a read. You will be amazed but not surprised of the talents of Vampiremama.

"He liked watching people die. He had seen it twice. The first time was a Mexican man who was caught skimming on the drugs. He was shot and Carlisle watched the blood flow from his body like wine. The look in his eyes as he took his last breath kept him awake for days, not in horror but in fascination."

You can find more stories by Vampiremama - FF Profile

In The Spotlight with @Lakermom37

June 2012, that's what I am looking forward to. It is the TwiFic Meet Up in Las Vegas. Not only will it be an amazing time meeting people I chat with, Lakermom37 will be there and we are roommates! Along with Twimom817 and Kare831. The dynamic duo invited me to share their room and then invited Lakermom37. They are also the pre-reader and beta for Letting Down The Walls. They are quite the talented trio and I am thrilled to death to know them and can't wait to meet them personally.

Letting Down The Walls is a touching and poignant story. It is a story of a girl suffering from severe psoriasis and a boy with a broken heart caused by betrayal. In this case, Bella and Edward, but it could be any one's story. A story of promise, hope, and rising above adversity.

The writer of this story is Lakermom37 and also a sufferer of severe psoriasis. I personally had no idea how debilitating the disease could be until I started looking in to it. Most people, myself included, only know the less severe version, itchy dry patchy skin, but there are such severe levels, you would be astounded.

Lakermom37 is writing this story for her love of writing as well as bringing attention and knowledge to the unknown severity of the disease. She is a friendly and generous person, donating a story to Fandom4AJD, and she always has a nice word for everyone. To rise above and go about her daily life, to open up her personal story and educate us on a disease we know little of, a wife and mother, as well as entertain us with her story writing.

Come meet Lakermom37, you will be amazed who she really is and will love her as much as everyone who knows her. She is what is good in the fandom. And if you are not reading Letting Down The Walls, you need to start reading it. It is a wonderful story with a very unique story line.


When did you discover Twilight?
I was invited to go see Twilight at the movies about a week after debuted at the theater. I had never heard of the books or the story line but was intrigued by a human/vampire relationship. Oh, and Rob was a pretty hot Edward too...I was HOOKED.

How did you find the fandom?
I was in a low point in my life both personally and health-wise in late 2008 and early 2009. This is when I became completely enamored by all things Twilight. I was on bed rest and quite frail for several months following two evasive surgeries. I immediately bought all four books to occupy my time, which I read in order multiple times, along with Midnight Sun. When I needed more, I googled "Twilight Stories" on a hunch and fan fiction addiction began.

Are you in the Twicloset?
Sort of...Most ALL of my close friends and family know I read FF. I do have a few close friends, my hubby, my only sister and my 22 year old daughter that are aware that I'm writing a FF story. Three friends are reading LDTW as "lurkers" and so far my daughter wants nothing to do with my writing and with "mom writing lemons" I think I prefer it that way...I guess I just like the anonymity of writing under a pen name.

Do your significant others support your fandom life?
My hubby and I have been together 24 years. He doesn't quite understand my fascination with Twilight but he doesn't get mad or jealous over my Edward/Rob Addictions. He supports my writing because it's such a personal and real story for me.

Have you met fandom people in real life?
Not yet...but I am excited to be going to the Twi Fic meeting in Las Vegas in June 2012 so I will hopefully get to meet everyone then. I do talk to my beta/pre-reader team, twimom817 and kare831 via email and I do know their REAL names, where they live,

Why or how did you start writing fan fiction?
I started because I have been an avid reader for so long. I've read most every Edward/Bella combination that has been written and most ALL completed 100,000+ word M-rated FF. I've never read a story where one of the characters has psoriasis and I thought I'd give it a shot. So far so good. :)

How do you come up with your story lines?
Well, I use a lot of personal experiences. I was 28 and married for ten years when I first developed psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis so that part of LDTW was adapted for the story line, and no my hubs isn't a dermatologist. Really, I've been asked that. The feelings Bella has in my fic are real...and no matter who you are or how confident you are, psoriasis makes you feel unattractive. It's a mean disease that is 50% physical and 50% mental. That's what I'm trying to convey in LDTW...the struggle to feel loved and sexy and worthy. 

Favorite fics - Completed and WIP's.
Oh wow... I'd have to say Blood and Glory by drotuno, A Pound of Flesh by jaxon22, Unplanned Perfection by littlecat358, Quiet Storm by SexiLexiCullen, Evermore Experience by deJean, A Slow Boil by kts, Beyond Time by tkegl, The Cannabean Betrothal by ItzMegan73, A Special Life by Twimom817, Perfect Game by kare831, Set In Stone by psyche001 for completed fics; Transcendence by savage7289, Blessed Are the Forgetful by orrington rose, When You Came Home by Melanie Carter and In Your World by solosintwilight.  I could go on and on...oh, and I LOVE Letting Down the Walls by Edward's My Obsession 1971. LOL!

What kind of environment do you like to write in?
I have a home office so I prefer to go there and shut out the rest of the world, except Twitter.

Where and when do you write and on what?
I write on my desktop, laptop and also my iPhone. I vary on writing times...sometimes a plot bunny bites me at the oddest times! Mostly I write on Wednesday afternoons and the weekends. I try to post weekly.

How do you find time to write?
I have two grown college kids so I have more free time than I used to. I try to balance time with hubs, work, kids/family and writing/reading FF.

When writing: outline or as it comes to you?
I began with a five chapter outline. After that, the characters and plot just blossomed on their own. I have an idea on each chapter on where I want to go with it but sometimes the characters just don't lead me that way. It's odd but true. Edward and Bella tell the story...I'm just along for the ride. Also, kare831 and twimom817 help steer me when I get of base.

Who's POV do you like writing?
Edward's POV. Bella's POV should be easier but it really is the hardest of the two to get across to the reader. I don't want to project a whiny, immature Bella. She is neither but is shy, has no self confidence, is inexperienced with all things sexual and slightly introverted. Edward is confident and knows he's attractive but he's been burned in the past and never got past it.

How do you find inspiration when the ideas just won't flow?
I bounce ideas off my hubby, twimom817 and kare831. Sometimes I type multiple pages just to delete them and start all over. Some things are harder to write than Bella's lack of sex knowledge. It has been a LONG time since I've "been there" so I have to dig deep to make that part work for me.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to start writing?
Do it!! It's more than I ever expected.

Do you write professionally? Do you aspire to?
Oh goodness no. I love to write but I don't think I'm ever going to be that good at all. I  wish I was though!!

How do you handle negative reviews/blog postings?
Believe it or not but I haven't really gotten any yet. I know my story isn't for everyone and I will be proud of any and all reviews I get. I'm sure I've had took 18 chapters for the first E/B sexual contact. Those who like hot, steamy sex early on probably gave up on me long ago.

If you could say one thing to your readers (fans) what would that be?
THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING IN ME AND MY STORY!! I do this all for the love of writing and reading.

One thing you can't live without?
Probably my iPhone. I like to be wired at all times.

What part of the world do you live in?
Kentucky, USA

Are you working on anything right now you would like to tell us about?
Well, besides LDTW, I am going to be writing a short story in January for the Fandom for Juvenile Diabetes. It will be my first compilation for a cause and I'm very excited. I'm not 100% decided on my plot line yet but It will be a Vamp Edward/Human Bella story. We'll see.

And a nosey one - how did you come up with your pen name?
HA! Well, I obviously throw people off with my Twitter  handle being @lakermom37 and my FFn pen name being Edward's my obsession 1971. Twitter wouldn't let me use my FFn name. I came up with my pen name during a casual conversation with a friend about my obsession with all things Twilight and all things Edward...thus the name was created and stuck with me.

What gave you the idea for Letting Down the Walls ?
Being a severe psoriasis sufferer...I had read all kinds of fic dealing with cancer, depression, paralysis, I thought I'd put one out there for folks like me...and I have found several in the Fandom that suffer from psoriasis as well that thanked me for making others aware of our day to day challenges.

What is your reason for posting?
To share my heart-felt story with the Fandom.

How long have you been writing your own stories?
Since September 2011, You may not know this but I had a major screw up editing some unbeta'd chapters and I had to delete LDTW completely and re post it. I lost 75 reviews and no telling how many readers are waiting for an update on a dead FFn link. That happened in November and it broke my heart.

Is your goal to become a full time writer?
No...but I will write as long as the readers want me to.

Do you work with a writers a group?
Yes, I have kare831 and twimom817 that pre-read and beta my stories. lIllicit Writer made my blog, and vbfb19 made my banner for LDTW. Check out my is too cool.

How long does it take you to come up with the ideas for a story?
 A few days and then I work on one chapter at a time. I can't jump ahead too far since I never quite know what my characters are going to do next.

What tools do you use ex. whiteboard, outline, pictures?
I write in Word.

What is your opinion of FF writers who publish their FF stories and change the names, is it something you would consider?
I have no problem with what other writers do but I plan to always write Twilight FFn and I don't for see any non-canon pairings unless its supplemental characters. Edward belongs with Bella...period. At least for me.

How does your own stories in print/internet make you feel overall?
Amazed! I know I don't have thousands of reviews but I so check my story stats and I have so many readers that don't review. I'm very proud to be part of the Fandom.


Where you can find Lakermom37 - Twitter , Blogspot , Fan Fiction
Make sure you check out her story - Letting Down The Walls

Letting Down The Walls by @lakermom37

Letting Down The Walls by Edward's my obsession1971

Summary: Bella is a transfer to U Dub from Phoenix with severe self-esteem issues from a chronic disease. Edward is a med school student seeing patients at his Dad's practice. When they meet, will Bella let Edward in her life or is she too damaged for love?

It was Tennyson that said "it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all". What a freakin' moron.

What a great opening line! It still makes me laugh. Letting Down The Walls is a story filled with hope, new starts, dreams, some angst and romance, all my favorite emotions. And there's a Bella with very low self esteem. And not the typical low self esteem Bella we usually read about. This Bella suffers from chronic psoriasis. At first, I didn't understand why this would make Bella so painfully introverted. I thought I knew what  psoriasis was. I've known people with it. Dry itchy skin is what I thought. I was wrong. There are very different levels of the disease, for some, debilitating and Bella's is severe to the point where she withdraws in to her own shell and keeps all covered up. She's embarrassed, doesn't trust anyone and not strong enough to join the world, at least at this point in her life.

Know what you are writing about, especially when you delve in to specific genre's and subject matter. Lakermom37 gives a very vivid picture of what Bella's life is like living with such a disease. And as severely as the disease affects Bella, Lakermom37 does a wonderful job of using it as a back drop for the story. And while you are aware and educated, it is not the focus. Bella is. How she takes baby steps out in to the world, opens her heart a bit and starts letting people in, all with the encouragement and support of new friends.

The story starts out with Bella leaving Arizona for Washington. She is a mid term college transfer student. Upon arrival, there is a brief encounter with Charlie, who she really isn't close with, but they love each just the same. Her first encounter with "Tasmanian" Alice as her roommate is obviously overwhelming. Her other roommate is Rosalie.

We meet Dr. Edward Cullen, med student in chapter 8 and the sparks fly. Edward is beside himself with his attraction for his patient. That doesn't happen to him, especially with the heart break he suffered at the former hands of Tanya. And so the romance begins. A very slowly paced progression. I like that. Would have made no sense if they attacked each other upon meeting. They both have tremendous issues to work out.

Letting Down The Walls is a feel good story. Even with Bella suffering from her disease and Edward's heart break. These two are destined for one another. That doesn't mean all will be rosy, there are rocky times, but you just get a good feeling as you read.

Lakermom37 does a wonderful job weaving a tale of dark and light as well as making us understand a disease most do not understand. I am so glad I stumbled on to this story. It is a very original story line and filled with powerful emotions that pull you in.

Definitely give it a try, you will not be disappointed.


"Why would you want me? I'm not whole. You've seen my skin and you know that it can get worse in just a matter of days. You're obviously gorgeous, successful and you need someone that matches you. I'm never going to be that girl. I'll always be an ugly duckling that will never be a swan."
"Then it will be my mission to show you how wrong you are, Bella. I've seen you, that's true and I want you to know that I don't see the psoriasis at all. I see you for the beautiful, soulful, smart woman that you are," I pleaded.
She never broke her eyes from mine and I knew this was terribly difficult for her. Please, God. Let her say yes!
"Alright. I'll try to do this, Edward. You have to be patient with me and let me go if I hold you back," Bella said as more tears trickled down onto her cheeks.
"I will be whatever you need, Bella. Thank you for saying yes. Now, let's get you home."


Join me tomorrow for my interview with Lakermom37 where she tells us all about her writing and what brought her to the fandom. It's an interview you won't want to miss!

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@ThreeofaKindTOK presents Not All About The Romance One-shot Contest


The three of us on TOK have participated in many contests across the fan fiction world, which has also branched off into the original fiction world, even to the point of winning some of them. Being so experienced... why not host our own? So, here we have the TOK contests.

Finally, we're ready to announce our first one-shot contest's theme! So here we go!

Not All About The Romance Contest

Twilight is all about romance and relationships, the love triangle of Edward, Bella and Jacob, but what about family and friendship? Aren't they important? In this contest, we want to see one-shots based off non-romantic relationships, like the relationship between Alice and Bella going shopping or between Leah and Seth coping with their father's untimely passing, in a way that doesn't involve any romance.

This is a anonymous contest

Submissions open on Saturday, December 10th, 2011 and close on Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Voting opens on Saturday, January 14th, 2012 and closes on Saturday, January 21st, 2012

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How Wonderful Is This?? Congrats @mostlyalurker and Leo

How wonderful is this??

 In all, a total of $7,202.16 was raised. I cannot thank you enough, there simply are not words for what this and you mean to me. *hugs, kisses, wags, and licks* 

Please continue to visit the blog for updates, pictures, videos, etc. Leo is well into his training now, and I'm going up in early January for a visit to meet the man in person for the first time!!! (There WILL be pictures!) I'm SO excited about this and it's all possible because of the loving gift of your assistance. Thank you so very much.

Much love and many, many hugs,
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When a group of people, basically strangers can come together to help another stranger, and I know it is a corny statement, but it just warms the heart. To be able to help out another person for a better quality of life. There are just no words.

And let us not forget the amount of time and effort the causes put in getting together these sites and compilations. They don't just sit back and collect. They are working tirelessly day after day, week after week to pull it all together.

So when I received the thank you card from Mal, I was so touched by her effort, kindness, and appreciation, it warmed my heart.

This is a shining example of the good in the world and another reason why I love the fandom.


Help Put An End To Child Abuse

Author Deadline: April 1, 2012
Donation Deadline: April 10, 2012
Compilation Distributed: April 15, 2012

It's no secret that there are children all over the word who are suffering from abuse and neglect. Over 3 million reports of child abuse are made every year in the United States; however, those reports can include multiple children. In 2009, approximately 3.3 million child abuse reports and allegations were made involving an estimated 6 million children.

There were more than 46,000 confirmed cases of child abuse in Australia last year. That's almost 1 case every 10 minutes where a child is suffering from neglect or physical, sexual or emotional abuse (often by people they know and should be able to trust). Many of these kids get no professional help whatsoever, and end up with lifelong problems.

In the United Kingdom, research indicates that abuse and neglect are both under-reported and under-recorded. According to their most recent statistics (March 2011), there are approximately 46, 700 children who are known to be at risk of abuse right now, and one in four young adults were maltreated during childhood.

In an effort to help put an end to child abuse, Fandom 4 Children has been organized. We are hoping that members of all fandoms from all across the globe will be willing to reach out and contribute in some small way through donations to charities or by contributing to the compilation we are organizing. If you would like to donate, please go to the Where To Donate section of the blog for information on how to donate and receive a copy of the compilation when it is sent out. If you are an author and would like to contribute, please go to the Author Sign Up section of the blog for more information.

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