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Letting Down The Walls by Edward's my obsession1971

Summary: Bella is a transfer to U Dub from Phoenix with severe self-esteem issues from a chronic disease. Edward is a med school student seeing patients at his Dad's practice. When they meet, will Bella let Edward in her life or is she too damaged for love?

It was Tennyson that said "it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all". What a freakin' moron.

What a great opening line! It still makes me laugh. Letting Down The Walls is a story filled with hope, new starts, dreams, some angst and romance, all my favorite emotions. And there's a Bella with very low self esteem. And not the typical low self esteem Bella we usually read about. This Bella suffers from chronic psoriasis. At first, I didn't understand why this would make Bella so painfully introverted. I thought I knew what  psoriasis was. I've known people with it. Dry itchy skin is what I thought. I was wrong. There are very different levels of the disease, for some, debilitating and Bella's is severe to the point where she withdraws in to her own shell and keeps all covered up. She's embarrassed, doesn't trust anyone and not strong enough to join the world, at least at this point in her life.

Know what you are writing about, especially when you delve in to specific genre's and subject matter. Lakermom37 gives a very vivid picture of what Bella's life is like living with such a disease. And as severely as the disease affects Bella, Lakermom37 does a wonderful job of using it as a back drop for the story. And while you are aware and educated, it is not the focus. Bella is. How she takes baby steps out in to the world, opens her heart a bit and starts letting people in, all with the encouragement and support of new friends.

The story starts out with Bella leaving Arizona for Washington. She is a mid term college transfer student. Upon arrival, there is a brief encounter with Charlie, who she really isn't close with, but they love each just the same. Her first encounter with "Tasmanian" Alice as her roommate is obviously overwhelming. Her other roommate is Rosalie.

We meet Dr. Edward Cullen, med student in chapter 8 and the sparks fly. Edward is beside himself with his attraction for his patient. That doesn't happen to him, especially with the heart break he suffered at the former hands of Tanya. And so the romance begins. A very slowly paced progression. I like that. Would have made no sense if they attacked each other upon meeting. They both have tremendous issues to work out.

Letting Down The Walls is a feel good story. Even with Bella suffering from her disease and Edward's heart break. These two are destined for one another. That doesn't mean all will be rosy, there are rocky times, but you just get a good feeling as you read.

Lakermom37 does a wonderful job weaving a tale of dark and light as well as making us understand a disease most do not understand. I am so glad I stumbled on to this story. It is a very original story line and filled with powerful emotions that pull you in.

Definitely give it a try, you will not be disappointed.


"Why would you want me? I'm not whole. You've seen my skin and you know that it can get worse in just a matter of days. You're obviously gorgeous, successful and you need someone that matches you. I'm never going to be that girl. I'll always be an ugly duckling that will never be a swan."
"Then it will be my mission to show you how wrong you are, Bella. I've seen you, that's true and I want you to know that I don't see the psoriasis at all. I see you for the beautiful, soulful, smart woman that you are," I pleaded.
She never broke her eyes from mine and I knew this was terribly difficult for her. Please, God. Let her say yes!
"Alright. I'll try to do this, Edward. You have to be patient with me and let me go if I hold you back," Bella said as more tears trickled down onto her cheeks.
"I will be whatever you need, Bella. Thank you for saying yes. Now, let's get you home."


Join me tomorrow for my interview with Lakermom37 where she tells us all about her writing and what brought her to the fandom. It's an interview you won't want to miss!

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  1. Thank you for the beautiful words. I'm just honored and blessed. If I knew how to link this to my blog I would. :)

  2. i personally have dealt with psoriasis since my early teens and now how much it can affect you i look forwarding to reading this story