Saturday, December 24, 2011

How To Paint A House by Maggie's Gutter

Summary: Bella Swan is a naive fifteen year old, set to spend another kiss-less summer alone. Edward is new to town, and doesn't know a soul. Watch an unlikely friendship blossom over the simple task of painting a house. But for these two, nothing is simple.

Have you ever had a story that grabs you and won't let go? A story that you just can't wait for the update on and get upset when you have to wait too long? An unexpected obsession? A story that you constantly think about?

How To Paint A House is that story for me.

Initially when it first published in June, I didn't pay much attention to it. I'd seen it rec'd and tweeted. When I checked the summary, it was a high school story. I didn't go any further. High school stories are just not for me. I wind up losing interest a few chapters in or become irritated with the high school shenanigans. I am just to old for high school.  

Be that as it may, my attention was once again drawn to the tweeting and rec'ing. This time I chose to check the story out and lay my curiosity to rest. Well, I was completely stunned, gobsmacked, astonished, and giddy. Yes, giddy. How To Paint A House is an amazingly wonderful story. The author, Maggie's Gutter, I've never seen her on Twitter and she has no blog. I've never read anything else she has written. She is completely unknown to me. And I consider myself a pretty astute stalker of the writers. I either know them or have heard of them. Nothing. Obviously there is a mission that lays before me.

How To Paint A House is a wonderfully written, well thought out story. It is realistic emotionally and physically. The writer brings you back to high school with all the awkwardness, misunderstandings, immaturity, show boating, love, and heart break that goes along with coming of age. There is no magical understanding of feelings, there is stumbling, as it should be. No gratuitous sex. But there is making out. Learning how to kiss. Shy touches. This is the high school I remember. The real high school.

The story is basically a 15 yr old girl and a 17 yr old boy that really like each other and want to be together, but due to various circumstances, things are difficult for them. A simple premise but completely fraught with nuances and texture.

It is a story of reality. A reality I remember.

I am completely hooked and in love with this story. It is a story that is worth your time. I sat and read all 17 chapters in one sitting and am now chomping at the bit for more. 

"I was going to get kissed, it was really happening.
And then it did…
 A low laugh shook his chest, before soft wet heaven touched my mouth lightly, grazing my lips like a feather. Then a hand gripped the back of my head, tangling fingers into my hair and pulled me up to meet his mouth. I parted my lips slightly, then he pressed his lips to me again, and not knowing what else to do, I pressed my lips into his…kissing him back. I was kissing him back!"      __________________________________________________ 

 Maggie's Gutter - FF Profile

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  1. Do you have any ideal what happened to the author of this story? She disappeared! Please, help me :( I need to know how the story ends.