Saturday, December 17, 2011

Master May I by @smmiskimen

Summary: Edward is Bella's Master and is very particular in the playroom. But his sweet pet knows how to make him happy. E&B, AH, OOC!  

Drabbles are not usually my favorite stories to follow, due manly because of my lack of attention span. I find I get frustrated with the shortness of them as well as lack of any real POV. And though updated daily, some times even a few times a day, I just wind up losing interest. 

Master May I seems to be the exception for me. I find myself looking for these updates every evening. @smmiskimen is writing a drabble that I am completely hooked with. It is a BDSM story, and I love a well written BDSM story. These are very difficult stories to write. You really have to know what your talking about as well as be able to consistently clarify the POV's. That is essential in any BDSM story, the POV's. I still miss All Of Me by Flibbens and The Submissive trilogy by TaraSueMe. These stories are what I hold the bar to on any BDSM story I read or attempt to read.

Master May I is a true drabble. 100 words with daily updates. The story is simply about Master and his Sweet Pet. And though a drabble, you are getting a story with a clear understanding of where the writer is taking you. You are understanding the scene, you are given a bit of a background, fabulous POV's where you are not questioning what is going on nor are you questioning Master and his Sweet Pet's relationship.

There really isn't much more I can say about Master May I except, read it! If you like drabbles and love a well written BDSM story, this is for you. If you are anything like me and lack an adult attention span, you will stick with it and not loss interest. Definitely one of my favorite drabbles I have come across.

I hear him walk into the room; his steps echo across the areas of exposed concrete. I'm kneeling facing away from him, perfectly on my pillow. My hands are clasped behind my head, my knees are spread as far as they can go, and my chest is pushed out just how my master likes it. I can only see the floor between my knees as my eyes are downcast. My master doesn't allow me to look at him unless he specifically requests it or I ask as he has ordered. His feet appear in front of me.

"Master may I…"

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All Of Me by Flibbens - Twilighted  (story is incomplete, but I still love it)

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