Saturday, December 31, 2011

What Fills The Eyes Fills the Heart 

Summary: Bella is an erotic romance novelist who finds herself in a pub to escape her roommate's animalistic "romps". While at the pub, she meets sexy, Irish Edward. On St. Patrick's Day she gets a romp of her own but can she make the romance last longer?

Where did the idea for Irishward come from?
"Well that's really a funny answer. You see I came up with the basic story line of Bella going to a bar  to get away from the noise of her roommate. Karen had a suggestion to make it an Irish pub and make Edward Irish. Neither of us speak Gaelic at all. The accent we kinda of created based on another story Karen had been reading and research on the internet. Oh and all the sexy sayings Edward says in Gaelic that was all translated via the internet. Who knew an Edward with a sexy accent was going to catch on like it did."  - TwiMom817
Who knew? Everyone in love with Irishward knew!

After reading A Special Life by TwiMom817, I started poking around her profile and came across What Fills The Eyes Fills The Heart, a collaboration with Kare831 and have been hooked from chapter 1.

What Fills The Eyes Fills The Heart is a sweet and romantic story. I completely love "Irishward" and all his sexy Gaelic charm. He's sweet, considerate, and head over heels in love with Bella. And Bella, she is a erotic romance writer, laptop always in hand. They meet one night in Edward's bar, and sparks fly, completely smitten with one another. They both have some past traumas to get through, but are determined to make their love work despite a few obstacles. 

This is one of those stories that you just want to curl up with. It is well written, vivid in description, and the verbiage is just lush. You are completely carried away in to the writers world. 

I've wanted to profile these ladies for some time and the opportunity has now finally presented itself. WFTEFTH was originally written for Fandom Giveback - Autism Speaks, a cause these lovely ladies support. They have also participated in a few other causes, generously donating their time and stories. Their most recent, Fandom Givesback, there was a bidding offered by writers for one shots. When I saw Two TwiMoms on the list of writers, I bidded for them and won! I now have my own personal Irishward futuretake. And it is amazing!! Now, I know it a tease to say that because it is not posted, but it will be when the story concludes. We wouldn't want to give anything away!

Read What Fills The Eyes Fills The Heart. Put the writers on author alert and follow my blog so you to can read the fabulous futuretake when posted. 

And stop by TwiMuses tomorrow for an interview with TwiMom817 and Kare831. You will love getting to know them.

"Tá tú iontach álainn, agus tá tú mianach."

Kare831 - FF Profile   TwiMom817 - FF Profile 
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