Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Russian Roulette by @Vampiremama
One Shot - Winner: To Kill A Cullen Contest Published: 12/22/09

Summary: Six Friends sit in a room and pass around a gun, who will make it out alive? 

Sometimes when you finish a story you love by a favorite writer, you still want more. That's how I feel about a Beautiful Savage. Such a good story and such a different story line. Vampiremama has given us one outtake with the promise of another. So while I am pining away for more Savageward, I started nosing around her FF profile. And what did I find? Russian Roulette. This a dark and very OCC little one shot. It was the winner of the To Kill A Cullen contest and completely deserved every accolade. 

I am not usually one for the darker side of fan fic, unless angst related, but Russian Roulette changed my mind. Granted, this is an older story and might not be familiar to many, but this oldie but a goodie needs to be brought back for a new breath of fresh air.

The "Cullens" are not our typical Cullens. They are AH and my beloved Edward is apparently a coach potato with no focus. Bella is his friend, but he definitely wants her and Bella has been in love with him for two years, but Bella is with Emmett who is also with Rosalie on the side. Very odd little goings on there. The focus of the story is Carlisle, a very OCC Carlisle. Not a good sort at all and his "passion" for the game and the reasons behind it will really stun you.

The story continues going around the circle as each take a turn and all the while, Vampiremama fills you in on all their sorted little lives and quirks. And the finale...BANG...but who???

I liked this little one shot a lot. It completely took me off guard. Filled me with enough details to understand the characters and story line. Entertained me. And totally surprised me.

Definitely give it a read. You will be amazed but not surprised of the talents of Vampiremama.

"He liked watching people die. He had seen it twice. The first time was a Mexican man who was caught skimming on the drugs. He was shot and Carlisle watched the blood flow from his body like wine. The look in his eyes as he took his last breath kept him awake for days, not in horror but in fascination."

You can find more stories by Vampiremama - FF Profile

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