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Tina Folsom Book Giveaway

Starting September 1, My Vamp Fiction will be hosting a book giveaway from Tina Folsom, paranormal erotica/romance author of The Scanguards Vampires Series.

For those of you not familar with the series, they are a full ensemble of lusty vampires, each with their own story. As well as a group of secondary characters that balance out and help to continue the interweaving stories. You will fall in love with each and every one of them. You will have a difficult time choosing your favorite. Don't even bother, just love and enjoy them all. I know I do. 

For those of you who know the series or other books by Tina Folsom, here is your chance to get a personally signed book, your choice from the series, The Scanguards Vampires Series.

I will also had the honor of interviewing Tina Folsom for My Vamp Fiction to coincide with Book 3 review, Gabriel's Mate.

My interview with Tina will post on My Vamp Fiction, Monday, September 5th, 3pm.

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is submit a question to Tina Folsom by posting it in the comments here on the Fandom Fanatic blog or giveaway article on My Vamp Fiction.

Tina Folsom will pick the best question, answer it and award the autographed book to the winner.

Link to post question on My Vamp Fiction or leave question in comment section here.

For more on Tina and her books - Tina Folsom website

The Tradegy Of Katrina

Hurricane Irene is coming today. The last time the NYC/Long Island area saw a hurricane was Hurricane Gloria back in 1985. I was 21 at the time and a senior at Suny Stony Brook. We had a week's time warning, the school closed and if you were able to go home, you went or you were sent to a shelter in the area to wait the storm out. I was close enough to go home.

What I remember the most was not the actual storm, but was being home with my family. We had no power for a week and no hot water, but that was pretty much the extent of the affect a hurricane had on me personally. So today, I am ready. I have flashlights, water, food, food for my dogs, glow sticks to light up the rooms, my blackberry, wifi laptop, tons of books, and my fanfic stories. NYC has even taken drastic steps to protect us as well. For the first time ever, mass transit stopped running at noon today and all coastal areas were evacuated. I am a little inland, so there is a threat of flooding, but I should be good. I feel safe. I also feel prepared. I am ready for all intents and purposes.
As I wait for the arrival of Irene, it made me think of Katrina and the devastation. The deaths. The abandonment. And worst of all, our governments lack of action let alone pro activity.
The citizens who suffered through Katrina, who still suffer, citizens who had counted on their government to protect them found out that they had no protection. They were paying with their lives, literally.
Hurricane Katrina had devastated the city with its fierce winds, blowing buildings apart and causing major damage. And now that low lying city was filled with water from Lake Pontchartrain. It's was a major catastrophe in relatively slow motion - just like the US under 'president' Bush is a country in the process of financial, economic, social and political collapse.
There were reports that over 100,000 people in New Orleans were trapped by rising flood waters. The city was not equipped to handle a catastrophe of this magnitude. Police were overwhelmed by looters who have rampaged through the city and cleaned out whatever stores they can. Drug addicts were reportedly breaking into pharmacies in order to get something to substitute for their next fix. I would think that some of the looting has been done merely by people who are stocking up on food in hopes of surviving a little longer. People have been warned not to drink city water. Bodies were floating through the streets. Poisonous snakes are in the flood waters. Islands of fire ants are floating through the water. Gas mains were erupting from under the water. Fires were burning unchecked.
How was this possible? In our country? These things do not happen. But apparently do and most certainly did. There are still so many unanswered questions.
Let today be a time to remember as we wait out Irene with the hope that we come out of it unscathed.
The citizens of Katrina were not so lucky.

When The Levees Broke by Spike Lee

“What’s Your Fantasy - Anonymous Twilight Erotica Challenge”!

Welcome to the “What’s Your Fantasy: Anonymous Twilight Erotica Challenge”!

Your Erotica Lovin' Hosts and Judges:

Erotica is using a feather; pornography is using the whole chicken. –Isabel Allende

Anyone can write smut, but can you write erotica?

We want you to show us what erotica means to you. Wow us with your work. Allow us to get lost in the world you create. Sight, sound, sensation… think about what turns you on and then give it to us. Make it lyrical, make it sexy, make it artistic, make it haunting… we want it all and we want detail! We want you to leave us remembering the words you weaved long after we finish the last one.

Are you up to the challenge?

The Rules:
1. All pairing/genres/universes are accepted, but your entry must be a new story (no outtakes, continuations, futuretakes, etc).
2. Entries should be between 3,000 words minimum and 15,000 words maximum.
3. Entries must be beta’d for spelling and grammar. Failure to submit a relatively error free (5 errors per 1,500 words) entry will result in disqualification.
4. This is an anonymous contest. Telling anyone (aside from your beta) which entry is yours or pimping it as your favorite will result in immediate disqualification. You can say that you entered, but you may not hint at what entry is yours. Additionally, do not post/tweet/etc about your entry as soon as it is posted.
5. No rape, incest, bestiality, pedophilia, illegal and/or depraved acts will be accepted.
6. Collaborations are allowed.
7. Only two entries per author or collab team.
8. You must be 18 years of age or older to enter.
9. Avoid clichés and phrases such as “impossibly harder”, “impossibly deeper”, “cunt”, etc. Turn us on, not off!
10. Any submission found to contain plagiarism will be immediately disqualified.
11. Please reference any material (including song lyrics) that does not belong to you. This is as simple as adding the name and title in a disclaimer (ie: Secret lyrics from Maroon 5; Baum quote from Wizard of Oz).

Submission Guidelines:
1. Your entries should be emailed to us at between September 1st, 2011 and 11:59pm (EST) on October 1st, 2011. They will then be validated by the hosts and posted here for the duration of the contest.
2. Your entry should include (in the body of your email):
a. your penname(s)
b. link(s) to your profile(s)
c. summary
d. pairing
e. genre
f. story title
g. beta name
h. email address
3. Entries must be attached to your email as a .doc, .docx, .rtf, sent as a Google Doc, or pasted into the body of the email itself.
4. Please do not include an author's note, but do include a disclaimer for any directly quoted material that isn't your own. (See Rule 11)

Contest Dates:
1. Entries will be accepted between September 1st, 2011 and October 1st, 2011. All entries must be received by 11:59pm (EST) on October 1st, 2011 to be admitted to the challenge. Late entries will not be accepted.
2. Entries will be posted within 24 hours of validation. You will receive a confirmation email when your entry posts or if it has been rejected for a rule violation.
3. Public and Blind Ballot Judges' Choice voting will be held from October 3rd – October 10th.
4. Winners will be announced here and on Twitter on October 14th.
5. You may claim your entry and post it to your profile, blogs, etc after winners have been announced!

1. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded by popular vote.
2. Judges will select 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place Judges’ Choice awards for creativity, originality, eroticism and writing style.
3. Special Awards will be given out at the discretion of the judges, and will include an IndieFicPimp Pick (selected by IndieFicPimp).
4. Winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the popular and judges’ categories and all special award categories) will receive a banner (made by beegurl13 or aleighy), the undying devotion of your erotica lovin’ hosts, and bragging rights. 1st place Popular Vote and Judges' Choice winners will also receive an author interview at PIC FF Corner, and a review of your winning entry on the IndieFicPimp website.

Your hosts reserve the right to change the rules, submission guidelines and/or contest dates at their discretion. Please check back frequently for any updates or changes!

Have questions, comments, or suggestions?

Follow us on Twitter @TwiErotica or email us at

Remember, authors, we want you to show us what eroticism is to you.

Think pretty, not porno.

Good luck!

Announcement - New Section On My Site

In lieu of the most recent proverbial boot of The Feral Blood series, I have started a new section on my site to start listing these stories so they can be found and we can all continue enjoying them.

If you know of any proverbial boot stories by Fan Fiction where the author has continued to post whether to their own blog or another site, please email me the links so I can add them.

Email story links to

Feral Blood - Another Story Gets The Proverbial Boot By FF

For the first time ever, I started following a story that was an OCC pairing. Horrors upon horrors, me? I am a Twilight purist. If it is not Edward and Bella, I am not interested. And I am sure there are a great many wonderful OCC pairing stories, they just aren't for me. Not my thing.

About a month ago, a friend, outside of Twitterdom, I know, someone outside Twitter?? But she does read FanFic, told me about Feral Blood. The way she described it, sounded like something I would like. I especially liked the word "feral", conjured up all sorts of thoughts. When I took a look, I noted that it was a CxB pairing. Well, needless to say, I went no further.

Last week, I saw all kinds of tweets about Feral Blood and how good it was. Again I was hesitant, still wary of the pairing and even warier of jumping on the proverbial bandwagon.

This past Sunday, it was raining cats, and dogs, and elephants here in NY so I settled in to my stories. I had favored Feral Blood for future but had yet to even read the 1st chapter. Still wary but intrigued, I figured why not, I could always flounce. Let me see what the hub bub is all about.

To my surprise and shock, I liked the first chapter. Though skeptical how the author was going to segue way Edward and Esme both out and still make the story line realistic. As I read on, the story unfolded in to a very believable situation, it made sense and was very realistic that I believed what was going on and how it happened. I was astonished that the author had me, made me believe and understand how she segued way out not one main character but two, and this was only chap 1. All the while not making the storyline absurd, let alone Bella looking immature and foolish, hence the Twilight Triangle, I never bought in to the whole triangle SM tried to get us to believe. 

And a word to the wise, because a story is fiction doesn't mean there is a lack a responsibility to realism. The situations need to possess some realism to keep your reader going and make what is being told believable.

The author, Blood Of Your Lips, does this. Her story is very believable, she brings you in to her world, and with a comfortable understanding.

Aside from the fact, the basis of her summary, a feral relationship. That had me most intrigued. For those who do not understand feral, a feral organism is one that has changed from being domesticated to being wild or untamed. Perfect analogy for a vampire. They are animistic in nature. I am on board. There were 90 odd chapters posted so I had a long way to go, I was only up to chapter 3.

Now, I go about my day, I come back later to pick up where I left off, because I can't get the story out of my head, and it's gone. Only the 3 chapters. I am staring at my computer like it's hiding the chapters on me. I go to the authors profile looking for her blog, homepage, anything. The homepage brings me to her twitter page, it's private, drats! I request. While I am waiting, I tweet out if anyone knows anything and get an immediate response that it was pulled for inappropriate content. I am thinking, really? 90% of the stories are technically inappropriate according to FF rules. Obviously someone didn't like something. But come on, the author started her story back in Oct of 2010, and published over 90 chapters. Now someone decides they don't like something and reports it? I am annoyed because I just found it, it is OCC pairing which I am normally opposed to, and I like it as well as it being an extremely intelligently written story.

But needless to say, another wonderfully written, intelligent, and unique storyline gets the boot. More than likely by some narrow minded dabbler who didn't read the story and just lurked chapters. Rules are rules, but still frustrating. Frustrating that there are so many that don't get the boot, that should and even more frustrating, "plagiarism aurhors". The same "author" can continually steal stories, post as their own, get caught, remove them, and just do it all over again. Does FF give them the boot, nope. Apparently that's not in FF rules. Odd but true.

So thankfully, Blood Of Your Lips did not throw in the towel. She will be posting her story on her blog. I am thrilled that I will be able to see how this story unfolds and the author get's to keep the integrity of her story as it it truly was meant to be.

So poo poo on Big Brother, Feral Blood marches on.

And let's remember, many a great story has gotten the boot and moved to their own blog. Maybe something FF needs to take note of? Let alone Big Brother.

Below is the banner, summary, and blog link for Feral Blood. Join me and countless others as we partake in this journey Blood Of Your Lips is bringing us on.

SUMMARY: Bella learns that Carlisle is her mate, and she helps him accept his feral nature, giving him the gift of her blood. Carlisle/Bella love story that follows their intense mating, leadership of the Cullen Clan and the struggles they face as Alphas. This is a powerful and unique look at vampire mating and love from Bella's POV.

Link to The Feral Series blog where you can continue enjoying the story.

Below are some awards and nominations to this wonderfully written and booted story -

2011 Vampie Award Winner:
-Best AU (51-100 rpc) for Feral Blood.
-Best Non-Canon Couple for Feral Blood.
Summer 2011 Award Winner:
-Best Writer.
-Best Story.
-Best Original Storyline for Feral Blood.
-Best Non-Canon Romance for Feral Blood.
-Best Swinger aka Non-Canon Pairing for Feral Blood.
-Best Adapted Character for Carlisle in Feral Blood.
-Best Carlisle for Feral Blood.
-Best Line for Feral Blood.
-Best Virginity Loss for Feral Blood.
-Best Banner for Feral Blood by RXM and Gina Gas.
Winter 2011 GLA Nominee: Best Make-Out for Feral Blood.

Emerging Swan Award

We will have two rounds for nominations - One-shots, Short Stories and Full Length Fics: WIP and Completed. Each group will have its own initial round of voting, followed by one for all the finalists. Check out the descriptions below to see where your favorite underappreciated fic fits.
There are plenty of categories, so check them out and start compiling your list of nominees. The nomination forms and links will be available in early August. Be sure to read the rules before you nominate to make sure your favorites meet the necessary criteria.
We’re looking forward to finding some undiscovered gems.
You can follow us on Twitter at @EmergingSwanAwd or if you have any questions, comments or would like to volunteer to be part of our validation team**, e-mail us at

**Please note, validation team member's stories are eligible for nomination. Don't let that stop you from joining our validation team!
Story Types

  • One-Shot - Completed (Under 50 reviews)
  • Short Story - A completed story between 2 and 10 chapters long (Under 200 reviews or has an average of 30 reviews or less per chapter.)
  • Full Length Fics
  • WIP - Must have at least 6 chapters to be nom’d. (Under 500 reviews or has an average of 30 reviews or less per chapter)
  • Completed - Must be over 10 chapters to be nom’d. (Under 500 reviews or has an average of 30 reviews or less per chapter)
  • Newbie Author Award - for excellence in writing - has only been writing fanfic for the last 12 months and has an average of 50 reviews or less per chapter/one-shot written.
  • Oldie But a Goodie Author Award - for excellence in writing - has posted stories for longer than 12 months, yet has an average of 50 reviews or less per chapter/one-shot written.

Character and Pairing Categories

  • Best Edward/Bella
  • Best Jake/Bella
  • Best Cullen Lovin’ (canon and non.(voting split) Excluding E/B)
  • Best Vamp Volturi/Nomad/Non-Cullen (any pairing)
  • Best Running with the Wolves (Canon & Non, (voting split) excluding Bella/Jake)
  • Best Slash/Femslash/Threesome/etc. (any pairing)
  • Best Stephenie Meyer Human: aka - Mike/Jessica, Charlie/Sue, etc. (any pairing)
  • Best Original Character (no SM characters allowed)

Genre Awards

  • Best Romance (any pairing)
  • Best Drama/Angst/Hurt/Comfort (any pairing)
  • Best Supernatural/Fantasy/Horror/Spiritual/Sci/Fi (any pairing)
  • Best Humor (any pairing)
  • Best Crossover (any pairing)
  • Best Adventure/Mystery/Crime/Western/Historical (any pairing)
  • Best Family/Friendship (any pairing)

What Rocks My World Contest

Do you have a thing for a rock star’s leather pants or the pool boy’s tiny bathing suit? Does the sight of a fireman set your heart aflame? Does a white coat and a stethoscope make your heart pitter patter? Does the mechanic get your engine running? If there was one guy or girl who would rock your world who would he be?

Welcome to the world of fantasy. Time to let your deepest and even darkest fantasy come to life, at least on paper.

Here at the Avant-Garde Awards, we believe in celebrating the newcomers to the world of Twilight fanfiction; those of us who are starting out on their journey of writing their first Twilight based fanfiction story and need a little help in getting their stories known.

This contest is open ONLY to new writers. This means you cannot have more than 2 stories published within the last 12 months. So that there is no confusion on the 12 month period, anything published prior to August 14, 2010. You cannot be a previous winner of any type.

Rules for Submission:

Must be written in English, either American or The Queens.
The length of your submission should be between 2,000 & 15,000 words
Entries should be beta’d. If you need a beta, please contact Sparkly Red Pen.
Stories must be anonymous in both name and details – this means you will be submitting new original, never seen before work.
Submissions are Twilight only. No crossovers.
Any character pairings are welcome.
Absolutely no: Rape, Incest, Beastiality

Important Dates:

Submissions: August 15th – September 18th
Public & Judge Voting: September 19th – October 9th
Winners announced October 15th

Send your submissions to

Please include the following:

Pen Name:
FF/Twilighted Link:
Twitter Handle:
Story Title:
Story Rating:
Story Summary:
Word Count:
Beta Name:


Public Vote: There will be a 1st and 2nd place winners.

Judges Pick: Staff will pick their favorite story.

The first place winner will receive a banner, an author interview and story spotlight (on future story of winners choice) on the Avant Garde Awards site.

The second place winner will also receive a banner.

Judges Pick winner will receive a banner, an author interview and story spotlight (on future story of winners choice) on the Avant Garde Awards site.

Stories may be posted on your profile starting November 1st!

I am Superstar - I've Been Interviewed!

Well, in my mind I am!

One of the nicest things about the Fandom I've discovered is the willingness to help. Help writers push their stories. Help causes get their messages out. Help and affiliate the multitude of sites and blogs. Push and post challenges and contests.

On Twitter, you can befriend a multitude of people. And some times you discover who you are following are very talented.

I started following Evieeden because of her stories on FanFiction. As it turns out, she is a very talented banner maker. I personally adopted two of her banners and she graciously labeled them up for me. Evieeden has since created by buttons as well. Love them!

AnIllicitWriter and Christag_banner I befriended by confusing their banners one night on twitter. Both extremely talented and lovely ladies. I also affiliate with both of them.

AnIllicitWriter, the naughtier of the two and also a writer, asked me to write up what I do on My Vamp Fiction as well as my blog. She turned it in to a really nice interview and I was extremely touched by her actions and words.

So with all the drama that occurs in the Fandom, the willingness to help one another still shines supreme. And every once in a while you will meet some one who will make you feel special...a superstar!

Link to my interview -

The very talented banner makers -


Have you, or anyone you’ve known, ever been affected by cancer?


About Event

Have you, or anyone you’ve known, ever been affected by cancer? Whether it was you fighting the battle, or a friend or family member, cancer is never an easy thing to deal with. We, the Mods of this event, have a personal connection to someone with cancer and would like your help giving back!
Through the miracles of modern medicine, many types of cancer are now treatable and, in some cases, even considered “curable.” But we have a LONG way to go! All of the proceeds from this event will go to the American Cancer Society, where research is being done every day to hopefully one day find a cure to the many forms of cancer. With your help, we can find a cure!

At this point, you’re probably thinking, “Great! How do I help?”
What we need is authors who are willing to write and readers who want to read!
Author submissions are being accepted now until November 11, 2011.
For more information on how to submit your story please see Author Submission and then fill out the form under Author Sign Up.
All submissions will be listed under Donated Stories as they are submitted. We’re accepting fiction from all fandoms so no matter what you write, we’d love to have it!
Once all stories are submitted, we’ll put them together in a single PDF(Compilation) and send them to any readers who have donated at least $5 to the cause.
To find out more on how to donate and where to send your receipt see Donations.
Comps will be sent out for two weeks during November 19th – December 3rd (Last day to submit a receipt will be December 2nd at 12am pst). Not from the US and want to help YOUR country’s cancer society? No worries! We have several international societies listed as well. If you know of any that we missed, let us know! We’re more than happy to add them!

We’ve also included a Dedication page that will include dedications to those who are fighting or have fought the battle against cancer. We’d love for you to add the stories of those who you know. (Names will not be included to protect privacy).

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by email at or on Twitter at @Fandom4Cancer

Hardcore Horror One Shot Contest

Give me your depraved, your wicked, your ravenous masses yearning to disembowel freely.

I've decided to host my first ever contest! I do plan on doing more of these if this one is successful. Next one will probably be Bizaro Horror, but we'll get to that in the months to come.

But If you're unsure of what hardcore horror is, please see below:

Hardcore/Shock/Extreme/Splatterpunk Horror - A literary sub-genre characterized by the explicit description of horrific, violent, horror without limits, often containing licentious pornographic scenes.

My fellow judges and I really are dying to see what sick, twisted and horrendous things you can do with the sweet and beloved characters of Twilight!

Shock us! Horrify and terrify us! Make us gag! We love it!

Your goal is to make us squirm. A little vomit would be nice too!

There will be FOUR winning stories chosen:

1) First place will be chosen by the judging panel.
2) Second and third places will be chosen by popular vote.
3) And a Special Award will be given by DurtyNelly.

All winners will receive a Splattertastic banner and the right to call themselves hardcore.

The Rules:

All entries must be beta'd. This is an important one! All entries will have to make it past our gate keeper, The Mistress. And she is a cruel, whip-cranking harpy! So make sure your work is as error-free as possible. If she deems it unworthy, she will send it back to you with an evil cackle and demand that you fix it. You can then re-submit once the errors are taken care of.

Entries can be canon, all-human, or alternate universe, and main characters must be from the Twilight fandom.

All entries must be one-shots, wholly original, and previously unpublished. No outtakes of or additions to other posted stories.

During the contest, authors may not say or imply that a story will be continued later, and no entries may be continued until after the winners are announced.

All entries must be between 2,500 and 7,500 words in length. If you're a little over or under, we're not going to spaz, or send it back.

Collaborations welcome.
Crossovers welcome.
Two entries max. per author; including collaborations.

Wait? No rules condemning inappropriate content, like: no rape, incest, pedophilia, violence, beastiality, necrophilia, sadistic torture, midgets hammering nails into Edward's genitals, rabid chipmunks eating the eyeballs out of Emmett's rotting corpses, or The Mistress flaying authors alive for putting commas in the wrong place?

Nope. The only content rule is that there are no rules! This is an EXTREMEHORROR contest, so be extreme, and either horrify, shock or disgust us.


Be very cautious of just throwing gore, rape and violence in for the hell of it. If it's just put in there for no reason other than to classify the story as 'extreme' ... we'll know ... and hiss at it like it's a Danielle Steel novel.

Word Count:
Content Warning:
Pairing (if applicable):
Crossover Book/Series Title and author (if applicable):
Ruthless: A Hardcore One-Shot Contest
by Pin-name

Submit entries via email to durtynelly68@gmail.comby August 29th.

29, August – Submission closes.
30, August – Voting Poll opens.
8, September – Voting closes.
9, September – Winners Announced!

Where to read entries and vote:

If you have any questions about the contest, or need further clarification as to what hardcore horror is, then please feel free to contact DurtyNelly at: OR, go to her blog at:

Enjoy writing your entries!

Twi Angst Contest - Season of our Discontent - hosted by: 22blue & Katinki









I just had to pimp this contest out! While normally I am crying, carrying on, and otherwise throwing myself on the floor over supposed claim of angst stories, the host's of this contest are well known writers in our fandom and...fabulous angst story tellers!!! 

I am very excited about this contest and can not wait to see the entries. And the judges, we don't know yet, just teases on twitter so far, but I am sure they will be great.

So yes to true angst stories and an even bigger yes to anonymous contests!!

Thank you ladies for doing this for all the angst lovers out there!!!

Are you really stealing that story?

Nothing thrills me more than a good story. A story that I can involve myself with. Because that's what a good story does to me. I become part of it. I know the characters like my friends and family. They become real as does their world.

Whether it be a FF author or a published author. A good story is a good story.

When a story is plagiarized, I am truly stunned. Not only is it just wrong on so many levels, it just makes you think, why? Why are you stealing a story? If you want to write a story, then write a story. If you do not feel you have the ability, or your story is not good enough, then take some courses on story writing, there are 1000's of them that teach how to write your ideas and express your words.

Plagiarizing has always been part of the Fandom sad to say. It happens from time to time. It's become part of the "we don't like it, but it happens attitude".

In the span of 10 days, two very well known stories were plagiarized. These were stories written by well know FF authors. Authors with very unique writing styles. You recognize their stories immediately. Truly gifted story tellers.

Needless to say, people were outraged and the complaints flew. Both plagiarized stories were since removed and things have calmed. But it still makes me think, why? Was it because they are FF authors and their characters are borrowed making it acceptable to steal from them? Though the characters are borrowed, it is still their story line, their creation.

At no time is it acceptable to cut and paste a story, change it up a bit and post as your own. It is not your story but you willingly try to do so regardless. Why would you think this was OK? Because it is a FF story? Is that why? Well it's not OK. A lot of time and effort go in to writing stories. For the most part, these stories are the authors babies. They spend countless months writing and perfecting their creativity and craft. Sharing with the Fandom the enjoyment and pleasure of their talents. Waltzing in and stealing because you think it is OK just shows how misguided you are.

After all, would you steal a published story? Change it around and make it "yours"? Again, I know some have tried but that is the rarity. So let's not do it to our FF authors. They deserve the same respect and courtesy as published authors.

The stories that were purged:

Dark Games & Twisted Minds  by Katinki, completed May 2010 and Ultio by 22blue, completed May 2010. A year has past since completion, maybe why they were chosen for the attack? Again, not the smartest move. Even though a year has past, they are still very well known in the Fandom. These were stories that touched us, heart, mind and soul. Stories that have been reread countless times. Because a story completes doesn't mean we forget. Doesn't mean we "unfavorite" them. This is where the plagiarizers mistake lies, hence the word "lies", they must really think time makes us forget a truly good story.

One final thought - Plagiarizing hurts us all. Some authors become so upset, they pull the story. You can't blame them, but it upsets us all as we no longer get to enjoy them because of another's selfishness.

Just saying...from one reader to another.

Contest Contest Contest

Welcome to the 2nd annual MyVampFiction Original Fiction Contest!

Last year, we had 17 amazing entries that twisted their own tale on the legend of vampires. This year, we are sweetening the pot and allowing much broader categories: Fantasy, Paranormal and Dystopian literature!
We know that, when it comes to writing, it’s difficult to be confined to one thing, so we are allowing entries that cover a wider variety of genres and sub-genres.

Here are the details:

  • We will be accepting pieces that adhere to a Fantasy, Paranormal or Dystopian theme, or a combination of these genres. All sub-genres and ratings welcome.
  • Minimum word count of 5,000 words, with a maximum of 25,000 words.
    • If a submitted piece does not follow the word count guidelines, it will be disqualified.
  • All pieces must be edited for grammar and punctuation before being submitted. Judges will be very strict when it comes to grammar guidelines, so please make sure you have taken the time to have your piece properly edited.
  • Each story must be original. Fan fiction or re-worked fan fiction will not be eligible.
  • All characters must be original, however the use of historical figures is permitted.
  • Limit two entries per author
  • Collaborations are allowed, but the prize will be split between the authors.

The winner will be determined a bit differently this time around as well.

  • Judges will read and score each entry and narrow the field to 3 finalists. The finalists will then be posted on the MyVampFiction website for people to read and vote on. (for a full list of judges, CLICK HERE)
  • All entries will be anonymous. The pen name AND title of the story will be removed from the piece prior to judging and voting.
    • Each piece will be assigned a number based on the date it is received.
    • Once the winners are announced, each piece will have their entry number, title and pen name announced, with a link for public viewing.
    • This is done to ensure that judging and voting is done in the most fair way possible. Each person works very hard on their entry and we want each one to be given the same weight when it comes to judging and voting.
    • Each entry will be converted to a protected PDF to safeguard against theft.
  • In the event there are 6 or fewer entries, all entries will be posted for voting, and the winner will be determined by a combination of judges score and reader vote.


  • 1st prize: $100
  • 2nd prize: $50
  • Judges Choice: $25 Amazon Gift Card (this award will be chosen from the field of non-finalists)

How to enter:

  • Email your document as an attachment to, with “Original Fiction Contest” in the subject line.
  • Include the following information in the body of your email:
    • Name/Penname
    • Title
    • Word Count
    • Genre and any appropriate sub-genres
    • brief summary.
  • Submissions will be open on Thursday, September 1st.
  • All entries must be received by 11:59 Central Standard Time (GMT -7) on Friday, September 30th. Any entries received after this cut-off will not be eligible.

Important Dates:

  • Open for Submissions beginning on Thursday, September 1st.
  • Submissions will be closed at 11:59pm (Central; GMT-7) on Friday, September 30th.
  • Judging begins on Saturday, October 1st.
  • Finalists will be announced on Saturday, October 22nd.
  • Voting will begin on Sunday, October 23rd, and last through Sunday, October 30th.
  • Winners will be announced on Monday, October 31st.


  • In the event of 6 or fewer entries, we will only award a 1st prize winner, and there will be no judges choice winner.
  • In the event of 2 or fewer entries, each entrant will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card and a feature on the MyVampFiction website. In this event, neither piece will be judged or voted on.
  • Each piece will be judged based on how well it fits into the theme assigned. If a piece is written into a specific sub-genre (ie: erotica), it will be judged based on how well it adheres to the sub-genre parameters.
  • MyVampFiction Co-Owners, Staff & contest Judges are not eligible for this contest.

Helpful Definitions:

Any additional questions can be directed to

Amaury's Hellion by Tina Folsom

“Squeeze my balls,” he demanded. Her hand took his testicles, the gentle touch sending a hot flame through his loins as her fingernails scraped against the tight sac.
His cell phone vibrated again. This time it wouldn’t stop. Releasing his rod, Amaury shoved his hand into his jacket pocket and wrenched out the phone.
“Ah, fuck,” he hissed when he checked caller ID.
The woman stilled instantly.
“Not you, baby, don’t stop,” he ordered and flipped the cell open.

The Scanguards Vampires. This series is a must read! A new crop of vampires you will literally die for, or want to die for. They are unbelievably sexy, smart, kind, gentle to their women, and brutal to their enemies.

And of course, the best feature for many of us, stunningly gorgeous and well endowed. Why are the loves of our dreams so wonderfully endowed?

I am going to go with, most certainly what we dream of, it's what every woman wants. The perfect male, in every way. It's why we read romance novels. It's why we love the paranormal, the perfection. Though of course our loves always have that one little imperfection, whether it be blood lust, selfishness, self doubt, stubbornness, but we don't dwell on those things do we? Absolutely not! We want the beauty, the perfect ideal. Our dreams.

The Scanguards Vampires Series gives us that. A full ensemble of lusty vampires, each with their own story. As well as a group of secondary characters that balance out and help to continue the interweaving stories. You will fall in love with each and every one of them. You will have a difficult time choosing your favorite. Don't even bother, just love and enjoy them all. I know I do.

Amaury's Hellion is book 2 in the series. There are at this time 4 books in all with a 5th one due to be released around Christmas time, the perfect gift and much needed stroke of the heart. So hard waiting for new releases of series. Always wanting more. Always greedy.
Let me offer you a little blurb of an overview -
Vampire Amaury LeSang is cursed to feel everybody's emotions like a permanent migraine. The only way to alleviate the pain is through sex. When he meets the feisty human woman Nina, a cure for his ailment seems within reach: in her presence all pain vanishes.

Unfortunately, Nina is out to kill him because she believes he's involved in her brother's death. And she would succeed if only Amaury's bad boy charm didn't play havoc with her hormones and catapulted her into his arms and his bed every time she was near him.

As every kiss brings them physically closer, danger is lurking and threatens to destroy the little trust they have in each other.

Naughty Excerpt -

“I bet you could make me feel good too. Let me feel your mouth on me, baby.”
Without waiting for her answer, he opened his pants and let his cock jut out. Despite its weight it stood erect. Slowly, he took her hand and guided it to wrap around his shaft. Soft hands which didn’t close around him completely—too much flesh, too much girth.
“You’re so big.”
Amaury shook his head. He was perfectly proportioned, but being the size of a linebacker also meant his dick was supersized. “I’m the perfect size for your beautiful mouth.”

Actual review I did for My Vamp Fiction, click  here
To purchase from Barnes and Noble, click here  
To purchase from Amazon, click here

Follow That Blog!

I love the blogs! I follow in excess of over 40 different blogs. I love the creativity, efforts, and sheer desires of the blog hosts. Anyone who creates and maintains a blog should be supported and commended, let alone followed...really, follow them, if you visited, then follow.

And they know you were there, the page view and status tells them that, so let them know too with a follow.

There is no effort nor inconvenience in following a blog. You aren't going to be spammed nor will you receive an abundance of emails and updates to your inbox. Any updates are at your choosing when you want them. If you don't log on to your google dashboard, then you don't see them. No effort and controlled by you. And all "follow" really means is, "I was here". Now, if you "subscribe", of course you will get the updates in your inbox, but not if you "follow".

Following gives the blog hosts a little umph, let's them know someone is checking them out. If you get a follower, there is more incentive to keep a blog going. To update a little more and to make and create aesthetic changes. These are all things I like to see. I love the changes and updates. To see what someone has to say and why. Who their following and what they are recommending or not.

Blogs that post eye candy, pics, pic teasers, and even sexiness are worth a look see when you are in that kind of mood. Happens to me, I am sure you like checking these out as well.

There are blogs that rec fanfic stories and host contests. Blogs that rec published works of fic. Blogs that the writers create themselves and offer a little more incite to their stories and opinions.

Blogs that promote under appreciated stories that struggle to get heard.

Blogs that are genre specific. If you only like certain types on fic genre, there is always a blog for it.

Blogs for ranting and raving. Those are fun. Sometimes very informative as well.

Blogs that promote charity, food, health, sports, politics, fashion, and entertainment.

And not only do I follow, because I was there, if the blog has a "button", I pull it and post on my own blog. This way if someone comes across my blog, they'll see yours too. A little self promotion never hurt anyone, aside from the fact, the buttons are extremely creative and some of them even blink!! Just another way of showing the blog host, you were there, liked what you saw, even if only for the moment, and took a little piece with you.

The blogs are great. If you viewed one either led by a link, story, word of mouth, tweeted or just cruising the Internet, then give them a little a shout out and let them know, "you were here" and follow that blog!

Just saying...from one reader to another.