Monday, August 1, 2011

I love the blogs! I follow in excess of over 40 different blogs. I love the creativity, efforts, and sheer desires of the blog hosts. Anyone who creates and maintains a blog should be supported and commended, let alone followed...really, follow them, if you visited, then follow.

And they know you were there, the page view and status tells them that, so let them know too with a follow.

There is no effort nor inconvenience in following a blog. You aren't going to be spammed nor will you receive an abundance of emails and updates to your inbox. Any updates are at your choosing when you want them. If you don't log on to your google dashboard, then you don't see them. No effort and controlled by you. And all "follow" really means is, "I was here". Now, if you "subscribe", of course you will get the updates in your inbox, but not if you "follow".

Following gives the blog hosts a little umph, let's them know someone is checking them out. If you get a follower, there is more incentive to keep a blog going. To update a little more and to make and create aesthetic changes. These are all things I like to see. I love the changes and updates. To see what someone has to say and why. Who their following and what they are recommending or not.

Blogs that post eye candy, pics, pic teasers, and even sexiness are worth a look see when you are in that kind of mood. Happens to me, I am sure you like checking these out as well.

There are blogs that rec fanfic stories and host contests. Blogs that rec published works of fic. Blogs that the writers create themselves and offer a little more incite to their stories and opinions.

Blogs that promote under appreciated stories that struggle to get heard.

Blogs that are genre specific. If you only like certain types on fic genre, there is always a blog for it.

Blogs for ranting and raving. Those are fun. Sometimes very informative as well.

Blogs that promote charity, food, health, sports, politics, fashion, and entertainment.

And not only do I follow, because I was there, if the blog has a "button", I pull it and post on my own blog. This way if someone comes across my blog, they'll see yours too. A little self promotion never hurt anyone, aside from the fact, the buttons are extremely creative and some of them even blink!! Just another way of showing the blog host, you were there, liked what you saw, even if only for the moment, and took a little piece with you.

The blogs are great. If you viewed one either led by a link, story, word of mouth, tweeted or just cruising the Internet, then give them a little a shout out and let them know, "you were here" and follow that blog!

Just saying...from one reader to another.

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