Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Give me your depraved, your wicked, your ravenous masses yearning to disembowel freely.

I've decided to host my first ever contest! I do plan on doing more of these if this one is successful. Next one will probably be Bizaro Horror, but we'll get to that in the months to come.

But If you're unsure of what hardcore horror is, please see below:

Hardcore/Shock/Extreme/Splatterpunk Horror - A literary sub-genre characterized by the explicit description of horrific, violent, horror without limits, often containing licentious pornographic scenes.

My fellow judges and I really are dying to see what sick, twisted and horrendous things you can do with the sweet and beloved characters of Twilight!

Shock us! Horrify and terrify us! Make us gag! We love it!

Your goal is to make us squirm. A little vomit would be nice too!

There will be FOUR winning stories chosen:

1) First place will be chosen by the judging panel.
2) Second and third places will be chosen by popular vote.
3) And a Special Award will be given by DurtyNelly.

All winners will receive a Splattertastic banner and the right to call themselves hardcore.

The Rules:

All entries must be beta'd. This is an important one! All entries will have to make it past our gate keeper, The Mistress. And she is a cruel, whip-cranking harpy! So make sure your work is as error-free as possible. If she deems it unworthy, she will send it back to you with an evil cackle and demand that you fix it. You can then re-submit once the errors are taken care of.

Entries can be canon, all-human, or alternate universe, and main characters must be from the Twilight fandom.

All entries must be one-shots, wholly original, and previously unpublished. No outtakes of or additions to other posted stories.

During the contest, authors may not say or imply that a story will be continued later, and no entries may be continued until after the winners are announced.

All entries must be between 2,500 and 7,500 words in length. If you're a little over or under, we're not going to spaz, or send it back.

Collaborations welcome.
Crossovers welcome.
Two entries max. per author; including collaborations.

Wait? No rules condemning inappropriate content, like: no rape, incest, pedophilia, violence, beastiality, necrophilia, sadistic torture, midgets hammering nails into Edward's genitals, rabid chipmunks eating the eyeballs out of Emmett's rotting corpses, or The Mistress flaying authors alive for putting commas in the wrong place?

Nope. The only content rule is that there are no rules! This is an EXTREMEHORROR contest, so be extreme, and either horrify, shock or disgust us.


Be very cautious of just throwing gore, rape and violence in for the hell of it. If it's just put in there for no reason other than to classify the story as 'extreme' ... we'll know ... and hiss at it like it's a Danielle Steel novel.

Word Count:
Content Warning:
Pairing (if applicable):
Crossover Book/Series Title and author (if applicable):
Ruthless: A Hardcore One-Shot Contest
by Pin-name

Submit entries via email to durtynelly68@gmail.comby August 29th.

29, August – Submission closes.
30, August – Voting Poll opens.
8, September – Voting closes.
9, September – Winners Announced!

Where to read entries and vote:

If you have any questions about the contest, or need further clarification as to what hardcore horror is, then please feel free to contact DurtyNelly at: OR, go to her blog at:

Enjoy writing your entries!

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