Friday, August 12, 2011

Well, in my mind I am!

One of the nicest things about the Fandom I've discovered is the willingness to help. Help writers push their stories. Help causes get their messages out. Help and affiliate the multitude of sites and blogs. Push and post challenges and contests.

On Twitter, you can befriend a multitude of people. And some times you discover who you are following are very talented.

I started following Evieeden because of her stories on FanFiction. As it turns out, she is a very talented banner maker. I personally adopted two of her banners and she graciously labeled them up for me. Evieeden has since created by buttons as well. Love them!

AnIllicitWriter and Christag_banner I befriended by confusing their banners one night on twitter. Both extremely talented and lovely ladies. I also affiliate with both of them.

AnIllicitWriter, the naughtier of the two and also a writer, asked me to write up what I do on My Vamp Fiction as well as my blog. She turned it in to a really nice interview and I was extremely touched by her actions and words.

So with all the drama that occurs in the Fandom, the willingness to help one another still shines supreme. And every once in a while you will meet some one who will make you feel special...a superstar!

Link to my interview -

The very talented banner makers -


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