Tuesday, August 16, 2011

For the first time ever, I started following a story that was an OCC pairing. Horrors upon horrors, me? I am a Twilight purist. If it is not Edward and Bella, I am not interested. And I am sure there are a great many wonderful OCC pairing stories, they just aren't for me. Not my thing.

About a month ago, a friend, outside of Twitterdom, I know, someone outside Twitter?? But she does read FanFic, told me about Feral Blood. The way she described it, sounded like something I would like. I especially liked the word "feral", conjured up all sorts of thoughts. When I took a look, I noted that it was a CxB pairing. Well, needless to say, I went no further.

Last week, I saw all kinds of tweets about Feral Blood and how good it was. Again I was hesitant, still wary of the pairing and even warier of jumping on the proverbial bandwagon.

This past Sunday, it was raining cats, and dogs, and elephants here in NY so I settled in to my stories. I had favored Feral Blood for future but had yet to even read the 1st chapter. Still wary but intrigued, I figured why not, I could always flounce. Let me see what the hub bub is all about.

To my surprise and shock, I liked the first chapter. Though skeptical how the author was going to segue way Edward and Esme both out and still make the story line realistic. As I read on, the story unfolded in to a very believable situation, it made sense and was very realistic that I believed what was going on and how it happened. I was astonished that the author had me, made me believe and understand how she segued way out not one main character but two, and this was only chap 1. All the while not making the storyline absurd, let alone Bella looking immature and foolish, hence the Twilight Triangle, I never bought in to the whole triangle SM tried to get us to believe. 

And a word to the wise, because a story is fiction doesn't mean there is a lack a responsibility to realism. The situations need to possess some realism to keep your reader going and make what is being told believable.

The author, Blood Of Your Lips, does this. Her story is very believable, she brings you in to her world, and with a comfortable understanding.

Aside from the fact, the basis of her summary, a feral relationship. That had me most intrigued. For those who do not understand feral, a feral organism is one that has changed from being domesticated to being wild or untamed. Perfect analogy for a vampire. They are animistic in nature. I am on board. There were 90 odd chapters posted so I had a long way to go, I was only up to chapter 3.

Now, I go about my day, I come back later to pick up where I left off, because I can't get the story out of my head, and it's gone. Only the 3 chapters. I am staring at my computer like it's hiding the chapters on me. I go to the authors profile looking for her blog, homepage, anything. The homepage brings me to her twitter page, it's private, drats! I request. While I am waiting, I tweet out if anyone knows anything and get an immediate response that it was pulled for inappropriate content. I am thinking, really? 90% of the stories are technically inappropriate according to FF rules. Obviously someone didn't like something. But come on, the author started her story back in Oct of 2010, and published over 90 chapters. Now someone decides they don't like something and reports it? I am annoyed because I just found it, it is OCC pairing which I am normally opposed to, and I like it as well as it being an extremely intelligently written story.

But needless to say, another wonderfully written, intelligent, and unique storyline gets the boot. More than likely by some narrow minded dabbler who didn't read the story and just lurked chapters. Rules are rules, but still frustrating. Frustrating that there are so many that don't get the boot, that should and even more frustrating, "plagiarism aurhors". The same "author" can continually steal stories, post as their own, get caught, remove them, and just do it all over again. Does FF give them the boot, nope. Apparently that's not in FF rules. Odd but true.

So thankfully, Blood Of Your Lips did not throw in the towel. She will be posting her story on her blog. I am thrilled that I will be able to see how this story unfolds and the author get's to keep the integrity of her story as it it truly was meant to be.

So poo poo on Big Brother, Feral Blood marches on.

And let's remember, many a great story has gotten the boot and moved to their own blog. Maybe something FF needs to take note of? Let alone Big Brother.

Below is the banner, summary, and blog link for Feral Blood. Join me and countless others as we partake in this journey Blood Of Your Lips is bringing us on.

SUMMARY: Bella learns that Carlisle is her mate, and she helps him accept his feral nature, giving him the gift of her blood. Carlisle/Bella love story that follows their intense mating, leadership of the Cullen Clan and the struggles they face as Alphas. This is a powerful and unique look at vampire mating and love from Bella's POV.

Link to The Feral Series blog where you can continue enjoying the story.

Below are some awards and nominations to this wonderfully written and booted story -

2011 Vampie Award Winner:
-Best AU (51-100 rpc) for Feral Blood.
-Best Non-Canon Couple for Feral Blood.
Summer 2011 Award Winner:
-Best Writer.
-Best Story.
-Best Original Storyline for Feral Blood.
-Best Non-Canon Romance for Feral Blood.
-Best Swinger aka Non-Canon Pairing for Feral Blood.
-Best Adapted Character for Carlisle in Feral Blood.
-Best Carlisle for Feral Blood.
-Best Line for Feral Blood.
-Best Virginity Loss for Feral Blood.
-Best Banner for Feral Blood by RXM and Gina Gas.
Winter 2011 GLA Nominee: Best Make-Out for Feral Blood.

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  1. Mind blowing rec! But the blog doesn't exist anymore! Any chance someone saved a copy and would email it to me PLEASE!!!!I'm dying to read it! visage422002@yahoo.com.br

  2. The story and blog were removed by the author due to continuous plagiarism by some unscrupulous people in the fandom. I had the pleasure of actually reading the story in it's entirety prior to the site coming down and it is a wonderful story. It is a shame that a few had to ruin it for everyone's enjoyment.

  3. Feral Blood was one of the best stories that I have ever read. I was one of those people that go to read a 20+ chapter story gets half way through it, then decides to read something else, then comes back to read it a few days later then poof!!! it's suddenly gone. Feral Blood by Blood Of Your Lips was one of the best written and detailed stories that I ever had the pleasure of reading. I believe that removing it from fanfiction.net was one of the biggest mistakes that the site has ever made. The people of fanfiction really need to realize what is and isn't appropriate, see the whole point of the M rated section is to keep kids out. Feral Blood was completely appropriate for that section, I've seen far more supposedly appropriate books openly for sale. Well it just goes to show what idiots are out there. By the way those unimaginative people who obviously can't think up ideas for themselves should be ashamed and banned for stealing/taking credit for other peoples stories.

    - No Plain Jane -

  4. I would very much like to read this story. Does anyone know a way or does someone have a copy of it that they could send to me ....perhaps the author ? I would be very appreciative. My email is SDT543@gmail.com thanks

  5. Is there still somewhere available to read this story? I would like to read it but I couldn't find it anywhere.