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New Contest - @SheWolfAwards


First & Only Award Site Dedicated to Leah Clearwater

Welcome to the She Wolf Awards. This is an award site blog dedicated to the most misunderstood shape-shiftier from the Twilight Saga - Leah Clearwater. 

Together on here we want to unite our fellow Leah lovers by giving them awards for their amazing stories and graphics that spotlight our Alpha Female.

Our mission is to put Leah Clearwater in the spotlight and show her in a positive and uplifting way.

We want to bring to you the Leah Clearwater that we fell in love with and help you understand why we love her so much. She is so more then just the "pathetic ex-girlfriend" who can't get away from Sam Uley or a bitter harpy that hates everyone, so it's celebrate time our favorite authors and artists with the first and only awards program featuring our favorite She Wolf!

Important Dates

Nominations begin May 1 - 20
Voting begins May 21 - 31
Winners announced June 1 

For more info - Contest Site
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@RandomFandomNet Every Picture Tells a Story Contest

Random*Fandom is pleased to present the Every Picture Tells a Story Super Challenge!

It’s super, because it’s multi-fandom! More great stories to read.

To participate, please look at the photo prompts, choose one that inspires you and write a one-shot story featuring the fandom and characters of your choice. Stories can be continued, if desired, only after the challenge champion has been announced.

The winner of this challenge, as decided upon by a public vote, will be awarded a $50.00 gift card. To ensure that public voting is as fair as possible, all submissions will be collected and held until June 18th when all stories will be posted anonymously under the randomfandomdotnet penname on So remember to add Random-Fandomdotnet to your author alerts so you don’t miss any entries!

Authors are welcome to promote the contest, letting their readers know to come and vote once public voting begins. However, authors are not permitted to give any hints as to which entry they wrote or encourage readers to vote for a particular story. Authors are encouraged to post their entries under their own penname after the winner is announced on July 9th.

Because this challenge is both multi-fandom and anonymous , it’s the perfect opportunity for those writers who have been considering writing for a different fandom to the one they usually write for but have been putting it off. It’s also a great opportunity for those of you who have never posted a fanfic story before to get your feet wet.

Check out our Challenge Rules page for an in depth listing of the rules regarding the contest.

Important Dates

Monday, May 14th – First day submissions accepted

Friday, June 15th 9pm EST – Final day submissions accepted

Monday, June18th – Friday, June 22nd – All stories posted on

Monday, June 25th – Public voting begins. The poll will be posted on our ffnet profile linked above.

Friday, July 6th 9pm EST – Public voting ends

Monday, July 9th – Winner announced on, twitter and

@drabbleshot presents - The Air the Sun Anonymous Musical Prompt Drabble Shot Contest

It’s been a while since we've had a contest here on TATS, so go put your thinking caps on, and come up with something sensational, involving our favorite ship, Jacob and Bella.

The musical prompt for this contest is the song, Crawling Back to You by Daugherty.

If you’re not familiar with it, you can listen right here.

So, what is a drabble shot? It's something willow2883 and light4dawn made up. We worked out the details of this contest together, but I'm administering it on my own because she wants to compete. A drabble shot is longer than a drabble, but shorter than your average one shot. Simple enough, wouldn't you say?

You can choose to make your entry AH, AU, OOC, Canon, Canon deviation, any interpretation is fine. The only stipulation is that the two main characters must be Jacob and Bella.

NEWS: JUST IN! We have a prize! The first place winner will receive a story banner created by the ever talented, and one of the head honchos of Printing Paws, dontcallmeLeeLee!

This is not a banner that says you've won (those I'll be making); it's a banner for your story--to use when you post after the contest.

Out of respect for the artist we ask that the winning story not be posted elsewhere until the banner is complete. LeeLee is fast if she gets the particulars and some artistic license!

But that's not all. We also have a fabulous guest judge! A well known, award winning Jacob/Bella author will also select a Judge's Choice entry!

If you haven't worked on your contest entry yet, get going!

You only have until May 11th, but don't fret, it's just a measly 1000 words or less.

Follow us on Twitter:  @drabbleshot

For More Info: Contest Site

Voting will begin on May 12th so come back to thair-thesun when the voting too goes up!

Good luck everyone! Don't forget to tell your friends to enter and/or vote! We'd love it if you'd pimp this contest, but please bear in mind that if you are a contestant you must refrain from letting others know you have entered (it is unclear how many entries there will be). 

Deviant Days at @TheLUVNV

Falling in love with a character is so easy to do. Wouldn't just love to ask them some questions directly??

Savageward of Beautiful Savage by @Vampiremama is under a V Inquisition! Now is your chance!

Deviant Days is upon us at The LUV'NV. Mosey on over and see all about the upcoming event and how you can take part in the Inquisition.

The LUV'NV is a showcase of quality Twilight fan fiction with the under-fictionated characters and pairings. It is an endeavor to appreciate the unrequited fanfics and their authors, to help new and seasoned writers with resources and promotional advertising, and to entice the Twilight fandom to read the little known fics and TwiCharacters. 

Ultimately, we want to get you more attention and provoke you to read and write more non-E/B fics.

But wait one minute all you Edward and canon lovers!! The LUV'NV does deviate from their mission four times a year with the segment, Deviant Days. And that time is upon us now. Hmm...Deviant Days.

Only The LUV'NV would call Edward deviant! 

So all you Edward and canon lovers, get ready to start sending in all your favorite canon stories and reviews because they will be featured during the segment. I know I am going too!

See, The LUV'NV loves everyone in the fandom, even the deviants!

Deviant Days

Every January, April, July, and October we will have days when we feature all types of fics. So you can submit your E/B and well-known fic recs and guest reviews at any time. They'll just be posted during and under our Deviant Days segment. 

1st – 9th: One shots
10th – 20th: WIPs
21st – 30th/31st: Completes

For More Info and Forms To Fill Out

You can post your questions for Savageward - Here

See all you deviants there!!

New Contest: @DrivenToDesire1 Challenge

Driven to Desire – A Twilight Anonymous UST Challenge

UST or Unresolved Sexual tension – a social phenomenon that occurs when two people interact and one or both feel sexual desire, but the consummation is postponed or never happens.

So many obstacles can stand in the way of two people coming together (figuratively and literally) – maybe they are co-workers, best friends, from rival families, even teacher and student! – That’s what the judges want to read.

We challenge you to make us squirm, beg for relief, toss our computers out the window in frustration – build up the tension till we can’t take any more.

 SoapyMayhem  Nyddi  KitKat681  Catastrophia  VampiresHaveLaws

  Susanpr  TwiMarti

Important Dates
Entries will be accepted April 13 2012 - June 8 2012
Public voting will begin June 9 2012 - June 14 2012
Winners Announced June 15 2012

For More Info and Rules 
Driven To Desire Challenge


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A Hint of Frost by @HaileyEdwards

A Hint of Frost (Araneae Nation, #1)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There are times when reading a story, the originality of the characters, plot, and story line will take me away in to the depths of my own mind where I can actually visualize the world in which the story takes place. The excitement will actually roll off of me when this happens.

A Hint of Frost did that and more.

The building of the Araneanean world as well as the supporting clans was amazing and very believable. These were worlds that on my most induced imaginative day would never come up with it! I loved the history and characterizations. And though there was a lot to absorb, I was not overwhelmed and all easily fell in to place as the story went on.

The relationships Lourdes has with her family and clan were just heart warming. The "bargain" of her bonding with Rhys was heart thumping! Rhys is the perfect book boyfriend. All steamy male, strong, possessive, and many secrets under the hard exterior. His love for Lourdes was palpable.

Rhys' own history was compelling as well his relationship with his brother, Vaughn. I loved how these two interacted and their love for one another, though hard to see initially, was one of definite siblings.

A fabulous romance set amid murder, betrayal, treachery, and mystery.

The story line was irresistible, the prose clever, and the dialogue is robust. I inhaled the story in two evenings, I could not leave Lourdes and Rhys alone once I'd been caught up in their world.

The only one drawback I felt were the last two chapters prior to finale of the story felt a bit rushed to tie up the mystery, but the last chapter completely made up for it. maybe not a drawback after all.

I enjoyed the story immensely and was thrilled to find the author is continuing with the series. Book 2 will be about Vaughn and Mana, who we met through Rhys.

I was able to read this fabulous story by an ARC provided by the author for review. I was thrilled and honored that Hailey Edwards granted this privilege to me. And yes, I absolutely find it a privilege for an author to allow their story to be read prior to publication.

A must read for all you romance lovers who love a little intrigue and mystery with your steaminess!

“Your life threads are joined to one another and are woven into the tapestry of our history. You are both a part of the fabric of our clan, a living testament which illustrates the lives and loves of our forefathers and our foremothers.”

In the Service of the King by Laura Kaye

In the Service of the King (Vampire Warrior Kings, #1)In the Service of the King by Laura Kaye

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What a fantastic story! Though a novella, the story was packed from start to finish. I loved the story line. We have a tortured vampire king. A best buddy looking out for him, and a young virgin willing to give her everything to him, heart, soul, and blood.

That is where the similarity to the many vamp story lines end. Even as short as the story is, the author gave us a full on story line including the histories of the lead characters, characterizations, as well as a history on Celtic lore. The research that was done for this little story was phenomenal and had me in google after finishing just to look for more info of ancient Celtic traditions. I loved it, especially the bonding and mating scenes. Absolutely breathtaking in it's description and originality. I will never look at a Celtic Knot the same way again.

And let's not forget the smexiness. Definitely very pleasing in the erotica as well.

My only disappointment was the length. I would have loved for more of Kael and Shayla, but it is only book 1 in the series, so that made me very happy!

I will definitely be reading book 2 in the series starting tonight!  Darn! Book 2 not out until June 1, but I pre-ordered it!!

Bravo Laura! Just love stories that give so much from start to finish without leaving me guessing. Not one string left hanging.

If you like novella's reminiscent from the Harlequin historical periods, then the Vampire Warrior Kings series is for you!

Find more from Laura Kaye on Goodreads or on her author's blog.

New Cause ~ @Fandom4NKH

Hunger is supposed to happen in other places, distant lands with unfamiliar landscapes, far off nations where storms, famine, and drought drive us to donate money and send aid.  

It’s not supposed to happen in the land of the American…

Share Our Strength is a national organization working to end childhood hunger in the United States through the No Kid Hungry initiative. They mobilize industries and individuals, and create community wealth to promote lasting change, holding culinary events, soliciting individual donations, and utilizing social media efforts to raise funds which are then used to fund long-term solutions to the hunger problem.

While one in five American families struggle to put food on the table, Share Our Strength uses corporate sponsorships to ensure that every dollar donated is increased through matching donations and more effective outreach. These increased funds are then passed to other nonprofits who provide community support at the local level, purchasing significantly more help for children at risk of hunger than a similar donation made directly to one’s local food bank.

Their focus is more than just putting food on the table; it’s helping food banks operate in the long term, providing funds for meals while dispensing grants for necessary equipment like refrigeration units and ovens.  They bring together local culinary and nutrition experts and volunteers to lead hands-on courses that give participants the confidence and know-how to select tasty and low-cost ingredients, stretch them across multiple meals, and use healthy cooking techniques and recipes that help them provide the best nourishment possible to their families.

The No Kid Hungry initiative directly benefits food programs in every community across the United States and steps up to aid international efforts in times of crisis.  Add your voice to the national movement of people committed to ending childhood hunger in America.

Important Dates
May 19, 2012: Sign-ups close.
May 25, 2012: Teasers due.
June 1, 2012: Stories & donation receipts due.
June 10, 2012: Compilation released.
July 22, 2012: Authors may publicly post their stories.

For More Info - Fandom Cause Info
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@autismspeaks - Light It Up Blue

Join Autism Speaks in celebrating World Autism Awareness Day on April 2 and Light It Up Blue to help shine a light on autism. Whether it's your front porch or your local city hall, an office party or a banquet, the whole world is going blue to increase awareness about autism.

Light It Up Blue, in its third year, is a unique global initiative to help raise awareness about the growing public health concern that is autism. Iconic landmarks around the world will Light It Up Blue to show their support.

Join us now and help shine a light on autism.

For More Info - Light It Up Blue
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Lover Reborn by JR Ward

** Contains Spoilers **

Lover Reborn (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #10)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved it! The story from start to finish was perfect. I know there have been quite a few reviews not thrilled and even one I read said this would be their last book in the series. I definitely did not see it that way.

The struggle Tohr went through when he discovered that Wellsie and his young were "stuck" in the In Between. Falling in love with No'One and refusing to accept it, to fight against it, totally heart wrenching for me. Wellsie was his mate, his shellan, his one and only. For her to be ripped from him so horrifically, it had to be a long and arduous journey back, and it was. The Warden totally delivered on his journey. Anything simple would have not been right. I truly believe he loves No'One, that he truly fell in love with her over the course of time. After all, he claimed her by re-naming her. Loved that scene so much! And though the passion was not the typical BDB passion we usually see, there was still a passion between them. It was a subtle slow building passion. A passion that only two lost and broken souls would understand. When Tohr uttered, "give me your mouth my female", I got goosebumps. Anything more and it would have been forced or over the top.

No'One - Her journey to happiness was one made of nightmares. Her self suffering and self torment. Punishing herself all these years over something that was not her fault. Her loving Tohr but afraid to let him know. Her acceptance of him on his terms knowing full well he still loved Wellsie. She is a female of worth. You could just feel the love bubbling up in her. Made me smile. Her reconciliation with Xhex. Listening to them utter, "Daughter mine" and "Mahmen". That alone was worth the struggle and heartbreak they both endured.

Xhex and John - Their struggle made perfect sense to me. They struggled from day one. Struggled to accept love. Struggled to accept one another. Struggled to be together. These are two very strong and stubborn people. Fighters. Fighting their entire lives. I was pleased to see them as the sub story. Their mating was beautiful but I never for one minute thought they would just fall in to a lovey dovey groove. This is Xhex after all. Their continuous struggle to accept each other was perfect for me. No doubt how much they love each other, but they are still the same stubborn people they have always been. Their lives will never be simple. I love their relationship. Continuously growing and learning.

Band of Bastards - Oh my, such naughtiness from them. It was nice to see more of them. More of who they are on the surface and their own struggles as well as relationships with one another. Xcor, though ruthless and unmerciful, his realization that he is not the Bloodletter was a turning point in his relationships with his soldiers, especially, Throe. I am sure we will see lots more from them.

Assail - Very nice surprise addition. Who is he? Where did he come from? Who is he working with? Many questions. Looking forward to more of him as well.

Qhuinn and Layla - I know many do not care for the Chosen and see no purpose to them anymore, but I like Layla. I love how she is still trying to find her way and her true self. I loved the commitment and promise she and Qhuinn made. To bring Qhuinn's dream full circle. Will make for a very interesting story line. At let's not forget Xcor and Layla. That will be very very interesting moving forward.

Blay and Qhuinn. - Love the next book will be theirs as opposed to the novella we all originally thought. Qhuinn finally accepting what he wants and who he loves. So excited and a year can't come fast enough for me!

And Lassiter - From my first introduction I was in love with him! How do you not love an angel who gets under every one's skin, especially V's. Watches Maury and Ellen. Eats big macs. We find out his real purpose and his true test. Definitely want more of him!

The ending was very climatic and my heart was in my throat. Perfection.

All in all, I was very pleased with Lover Reborn and once again the Warden wowed me. The BDB never fails to thrill me. I love the inter-mingling characters, the sub stories. The continuous guessing what's next and who do we get more of.

I love the sub plots and even though at times I want more, I am never disheartened because I know there will be more in the next book or even the one after. The Warden never fails to continue the plots, giving us the answers we crave, though sometimes we just have to wait it out a bit. And I am fine with that.