Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Falling in love with a character is so easy to do. Wouldn't just love to ask them some questions directly??

Savageward of Beautiful Savage by @Vampiremama is under a V Inquisition! Now is your chance!

Deviant Days is upon us at The LUV'NV. Mosey on over and see all about the upcoming event and how you can take part in the Inquisition.

The LUV'NV is a showcase of quality Twilight fan fiction with the under-fictionated characters and pairings. It is an endeavor to appreciate the unrequited fanfics and their authors, to help new and seasoned writers with resources and promotional advertising, and to entice the Twilight fandom to read the little known fics and TwiCharacters. 

Ultimately, we want to get you more attention and provoke you to read and write more non-E/B fics.

But wait one minute all you Edward and canon lovers!! The LUV'NV does deviate from their mission four times a year with the segment, Deviant Days. And that time is upon us now. Hmm...Deviant Days.

Only The LUV'NV would call Edward deviant! 

So all you Edward and canon lovers, get ready to start sending in all your favorite canon stories and reviews because they will be featured during the segment. I know I am going too!

See, The LUV'NV loves everyone in the fandom, even the deviants!

Deviant Days

Every January, April, July, and October we will have days when we feature all types of fics. So you can submit your E/B and well-known fic recs and guest reviews at any time. They'll just be posted during and under our Deviant Days segment. 

1st – 9th: One shots
10th – 20th: WIPs
21st – 30th/31st: Completes

For More Info and Forms To Fill Out

You can post your questions for Savageward - Here

See all you deviants there!!

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