Sunday, April 1, 2012

** Contains Spoilers **

Lover Reborn (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #10)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved it! The story from start to finish was perfect. I know there have been quite a few reviews not thrilled and even one I read said this would be their last book in the series. I definitely did not see it that way.

The struggle Tohr went through when he discovered that Wellsie and his young were "stuck" in the In Between. Falling in love with No'One and refusing to accept it, to fight against it, totally heart wrenching for me. Wellsie was his mate, his shellan, his one and only. For her to be ripped from him so horrifically, it had to be a long and arduous journey back, and it was. The Warden totally delivered on his journey. Anything simple would have not been right. I truly believe he loves No'One, that he truly fell in love with her over the course of time. After all, he claimed her by re-naming her. Loved that scene so much! And though the passion was not the typical BDB passion we usually see, there was still a passion between them. It was a subtle slow building passion. A passion that only two lost and broken souls would understand. When Tohr uttered, "give me your mouth my female", I got goosebumps. Anything more and it would have been forced or over the top.

No'One - Her journey to happiness was one made of nightmares. Her self suffering and self torment. Punishing herself all these years over something that was not her fault. Her loving Tohr but afraid to let him know. Her acceptance of him on his terms knowing full well he still loved Wellsie. She is a female of worth. You could just feel the love bubbling up in her. Made me smile. Her reconciliation with Xhex. Listening to them utter, "Daughter mine" and "Mahmen". That alone was worth the struggle and heartbreak they both endured.

Xhex and John - Their struggle made perfect sense to me. They struggled from day one. Struggled to accept love. Struggled to accept one another. Struggled to be together. These are two very strong and stubborn people. Fighters. Fighting their entire lives. I was pleased to see them as the sub story. Their mating was beautiful but I never for one minute thought they would just fall in to a lovey dovey groove. This is Xhex after all. Their continuous struggle to accept each other was perfect for me. No doubt how much they love each other, but they are still the same stubborn people they have always been. Their lives will never be simple. I love their relationship. Continuously growing and learning.

Band of Bastards - Oh my, such naughtiness from them. It was nice to see more of them. More of who they are on the surface and their own struggles as well as relationships with one another. Xcor, though ruthless and unmerciful, his realization that he is not the Bloodletter was a turning point in his relationships with his soldiers, especially, Throe. I am sure we will see lots more from them.

Assail - Very nice surprise addition. Who is he? Where did he come from? Who is he working with? Many questions. Looking forward to more of him as well.

Qhuinn and Layla - I know many do not care for the Chosen and see no purpose to them anymore, but I like Layla. I love how she is still trying to find her way and her true self. I loved the commitment and promise she and Qhuinn made. To bring Qhuinn's dream full circle. Will make for a very interesting story line. At let's not forget Xcor and Layla. That will be very very interesting moving forward.

Blay and Qhuinn. - Love the next book will be theirs as opposed to the novella we all originally thought. Qhuinn finally accepting what he wants and who he loves. So excited and a year can't come fast enough for me!

And Lassiter - From my first introduction I was in love with him! How do you not love an angel who gets under every one's skin, especially V's. Watches Maury and Ellen. Eats big macs. We find out his real purpose and his true test. Definitely want more of him!

The ending was very climatic and my heart was in my throat. Perfection.

All in all, I was very pleased with Lover Reborn and once again the Warden wowed me. The BDB never fails to thrill me. I love the inter-mingling characters, the sub stories. The continuous guessing what's next and who do we get more of.

I love the sub plots and even though at times I want more, I am never disheartened because I know there will be more in the next book or even the one after. The Warden never fails to continue the plots, giving us the answers we crave, though sometimes we just have to wait it out a bit. And I am fine with that.

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