Sunday, May 25, 2014

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Summary: Sport journalist Bella Swan has been assigned to cover the FIFA World Cup, but when her favorite photographer gets in an accident, she is forced to go with her arrogant rival and secret crush, Edward Cullen. Bella tries to fight the attraction, but a quick trip to the rainforest turns into a life-changing experience when everything starts to tremble.


We are a collab of authors writing one story together for the Disaster Relief Compilation, a project of The Fandom Gives, to aid victims of Nicaraguan and Chilean earthquakes.

Led by the organizers of the compilation (Mina Rivera, Ana Fluttersby, and Born OnHalloween) we are a group of "First Responders" joining forces to write a story that will be published in the Disaster Relief Compilation, and WE NEED YOU!

GUIDELINES: IT'S EASY! Sign up; when it's your turn in the rotation, read what comes before your chapter, then write 200 - 800 words within the time frame we establish (probably 18 - 24 hours, depending on number of participants), and that's it!

The main focus of our story Tremble is Twilight E/B but ANY pairing from any fandom is fair game, as long as you can slide it in somehow! [within the guidelines of the compilation, of course]

PM any of us individually or this fanfic account if you have questions or would like to join us!

Join our facebook group First Responders ONLY if you are writing for the collab and lend your words to this exciting project!

Come SHAKE IT UP with us!

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