Sunday, May 18, 2014

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With 10 earthquakes in Nicaragua, 37 in Chile, and a massive fire engulfing an entire city, the past week has left too many people in need of immediate help. Members of our own fandom are directly affected, posting updates between aftershocks and trying to help displaced family members and friends find shelter and basic supplies.  

International relief organizations are still scrambling to put help on the ground and assess needs, and local organizations have already mobilized, so there’s no better time for us to do what we can to help.

As I’m writing this, Chile has suffered 6 earthquakes today, and the people of Nicaragua have made it through another one, still sleeping outside, unwilling to risk being trapped inside when the next quake hits.  

The disaster isn't over, but the more quickly we act, the more quickly relief and aid organizations can get help to those who need it now, as well as those who will need it tomorrow.  

We will be raffling items and putting together a fanfic compilation to thank those who donate funds to the relief effort.  

Please help us by donating items to be raffled, your skills as a writer, banner maker, or beta editor, and most of all, much needed money to assist those struggling to get through and get past these terrible events.

Make that 7.  Chile was just hit by another one.

Important Dates:
06/01/2014: Beta/Banner Artist Sign-ups Close
06/08/2014: Author Sign-ups Close
06/08/2014: Teasers Due
06/15/2014: Stories & Donation Receipts Due
06/29/2014: Compilation is Distributed
09/01/2014: Authors may publicly post stories

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