Sunday, May 18, 2014

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So I get an email recently from Kathy telling me about this book. She was raving about it and wanted to know if I wanted to read it. Now Kathy very rarely does the "rave". She may love a story, but to actively seek out other reviewers, even with stories she edits or is involved with, no, she just doesn't do it.

I read the premise and was like, really, smut? And sci-fi smut no less.

This was very un-Kathy like. We are very alike when it comes to smut. There has to be a story line, it can not be gratuitous, there must be a driving element, and a flow.

Very rare for these types of stories. They usually are just sex chapter after chapter. I get bored and start skipping around for the the actual story.

But she raved so I took notice and agreed to read it. Well...WOWZA! She was right! This really is just one of those rarities that will knock your socks off.

My review will post later in the week on Goodreads, but I thought you might want to see Kathy's 5 Star review that piqued my interest...

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Published May 4th 2014 by Romantic Geek Publishing

Nevan's life is nothing but duty and honor. The eldest son of a prestigious House, he has a life mapped out ahead of him, including mating a woman for whom he feels nothing but brotherly affection. But then one night he discovers a woman who makes his blood boil and his body hard. Seena has known nothing but blood and pain in her life. A fighter for the BloodRing, she is nothing more than spectacle, her life and death meaningless except as entertainment for the masses. Then one night a male comes to her in secret with a bargain the likes of which she has never been confronted with. The ultimate fight, which will lead her either to freedom...or to his bed. Nevan will allow nothing to stop him from possessing the human. On the Pleasure Satellite anything is permissible, and to the strongest goes everything.

Kathy's 5 Star Review:

I love STONE GUARDIAN by this author. LOVE IT. When she recently offered an early copy of Pleasure Satellite, I jumped at the chance to get a copy.

WOWZA...this one is steamy. It edges into erotica for sure. has a plot and I like that in my steamy romances. Definitely for the over 18 crowd.

In these few pages (about 80) Ms. Monsch builds a world somewhere out there. It's full of aliens, and it makes sense. Well done for a novella! Nevan was totally alpha and Seena was full of sass. She surprises him at every turn, something no female has ever done. There is instant lust when he "buys" her for the week, but Ms. Monsch makes us hope that they will find a common ground.

While she has other ideas for more in this series, Pleasure Satellite stands alone. She gets many points for that! Thank you! Although when she comes up with another idea, I'll be ready to read it.

If you are looking for something short, but steamy, to enjoy for an hour or two, this is the novella for you.

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