Sunday, March 30, 2014

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Summary: Emotionally distant investment banker Edward Cullen struggles with his attraction to the mysterious vampire who changed him. Angry and denying that they're mates, Edward must reconcile the pull he feels to her. When her past threatens the fragile equilibrium they've established, Edward must decide if he'll forgive her, or abandon her to the monster from her past. Dark, non-canon.

I am so loving this story! 

Dark. Non canon. Very different characterizations. Huge spin on the usual vamp stories out there.

This time Bella is the vamp that turns Edward. A turning he did not ask for nor wanted. 

He is beyond livid and reacts very cruelly towards Bella. 

Bella is devastated. She totally believes Edward is her mate and doesn't understand at first why he is so upset.

Definitely a very different story line! 

Engaging, addicting, fabulous writing. Plot that flows without cliffies at every turn.

14 chapters in and loving every update!

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