Saturday, August 24, 2013

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I am a wuss. I don't like horror, especially when graphic. I also have been staying away from angst and I used to love it. I find so many of them are so over the top and go on chapter after chapter, that I wind up flouncing. So when darkNnerdy started posting Dark Paradise, I thought horror immediately, not for me. But then anhanninen starting talking about it. Now for those who don't know her, and you should, she is a favorite writer of mine. She writes such happy stories, always makes me smile. So if a happy writer is loving it, there might be something more to it. 

Maybe I should take a peak I thought. 

So I did.

And I am so glad I did.

Dark. Psychological. Thought provoking. Suspenseful. Powerful. Twisty. Surprises. 

A big old perfect O_o ending.

DarkNnerdy has a really nice writing style. These stories were my first introduction to her creativity in the world of writing. Very clear, good characterizations. Nice flow to the story line. Very expressive emotionally and the visual she brings you in her words puts you right there in the story with the characters.

Like I said, I am a wuss, but I was so drawn in by Serialward, obviously I would have been one of his victims. He was written in a way that you clearly know he is a monster, no mistaken that, not one ounce of redemption in his soul, but just as engaging as any other Edward I've read and loved. You really get why Isabella is so in love with him, even knowing he will eventually destroy her. And it is that love they have for each other that encompasses their every word, thought, and action.

Really good writing. Your psyche will definitely be poked and prodded.

Dark Paradise - He's cruel, unfeeling, and a monster. She wants to know why, and all he wants is her. Written for PandorasFF. Rated M.

Gods and Monsters - Sequel to Dark Paradise: Edward has his very own Happily Ever After planned for Isabella. EDITED and reposted to meet TOS. Rated M for Mature.

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    1. Such good writing. Not easy convincing a wuss like me :) Deserves a spotlight.