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Jennings Wright is a multi-genre author who is passionate about interesting characters and stories, and whose sole inspiration and goal is to entertain you, the reader, and transport you to different times and places.

I am so pleased to have her on my site today! The tour is running from January 1st - January 31st so make sure you visit all the stops for a chance to win an amazing giveaway of ebooks and print books! There will also be great reviews, interviews, guest posts and more excerpts from Jennnings new story, Solomon's Throne.

About Solomon's Throne:

An impenetrable safe is breached and a secret artifact is stolen. Containing information that could change the course of the world, its desperate owner sends Gideon Quinn, his head of security, and Gideon’s wife Rei, an art preservationist, to find it at any cost. What they discover is a clue to the lost throne of King Solomon, the real object of the theft. They are thrust out on an adventure that leads them halfway around the world. Following letters left by a Jesuit in 1681, they must weave through ancient sites along the Portuguese Spice Route, keeping ahead of a secret militant order that is determined to beat them to Solomon’s Throne. 

Filled with fast paced action and having broad appeal, Solomon’s Throne is an ingenious treasure hunt adventure that sweeps the reader around the globe in a race against time.

 Excerpt 1680's Storyline:

Lost in thought, Joao almost missed the doorway. He quickly turned and entered, stopping just inside the door. The oil lanterns were lit, making the corners lost in shadow, but illuminating the large bearded man sitting at the rough table in the center.
“Ah, Signor Xavier. I began to think you were not coming.”
“Perdao, Senhor. I was detained by my wife’s excellent cooking.” The man laughed, picking up his pewter goblet and bringing it forward as a toast.
“To all women, may God bless them for their many attributes!” He drank deeply. “So what can I do for you this time, senhor?”
“I am ready to return to Lisbon. I have found an operador local, a local tribesman, who can supply me with cargo. I need a ship, however, that will make the ports that I desire. I have promised to show my new wife the way that I traveled here, as she was but a lass when she arrived herself. I spent much time in several of the ports, and would like a ship that was rather more at my disposal than at the mercy of another’s schedule.”
Photobucket “But you do not wish to purchase a nau?”
Joao laughed. “I am a fortunate man, senhor, but not that fortunate! I would like to… contraer… contract a ship and its crew. I will fill the hold with my own cargo, and pay the wages and provisions for the journey to Portugal. My only requirement is comfortable accommodation for myself and my wife, and that we make port in several posts that I wish to visit once again. Beyond that, I will make no demands on the captain or his crew, and I will pay a generous bonus should we arrive in Lisbon safe and sound, with our cargo intact.”
The large man thought for a time. “I believe I know such a man. He is the captain of the Santo Antonio de Tanna, and he also happens to own a share of that ship. If he is able to make such an agreement on his own, I think that he will be willing.”
“Is the ship here now, in Goa?” Joao asked.
“She is not here yet, but she is expected any day. I will speak with him when she has returned, and ask him what you want to know. Fortunately for you, I can vouchsafe your ability to pay him for this undertaking.” He stared pointedly at Joao. This man had found buyers for the artifacts Joao had sold over the course of the first year, and he knew him as Father Eduardo, as well as Joao Xavier.
Joao smiled. “Yes, I can pay.” He bowed. “We remain at the magistrate’s estate, living in the small quarters beyond the orchard in the back. You may send word after you have spoken with this captain. Of course there will be a comision for you, and a bonus if you can convince Senhor capitao to leave as soon as his crew has been rested and the ship made ready.”
Toasting again, the man took a long draught. “If it can be done, I shall do it. Make ready your voyage, Father. And God speed.”

Born and raised in Rockledge, Florida, Jennings spent her early years reading anything she could get her hands on, when she wasn't spending time in and on the water. She won a prize in the 6th grade for her science fiction stories.

Photobucket Jennings attended the University of the South and the University of Tampa, graduating with a B.A. in Political Science, and almost enough credits for B.A.s in both English and History. She spent time over the years doing various kinds of script doctoring, business writing, editing, and teaching writing, but mostly having and raising her family, homeschooling her children, owning and running a business with her husband, and starting a non-profit to Uganda.

Thanks to a crazy idea called NaNoWriMo Jennings got back into creative writing in 2011 and hasn't stopped since. She's written four novels and a screenplay in less than a year, with more ideas on the drawing board. She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband, also a writer, and two children, and travels extensively.

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