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Summary: While trying to steal his car, runaway, Bella, meets Edward. A man with his own vices and rap sheet. Taking her under his wing, teaching her the way to truly boost cars, they embark on a journey of crime fitting of Bonnie and Clyde.

I love a bad boy story, especially a Darkward and Chopward is a bad bad boy. No pretending, he is a criminal and loves his life, he chose his life.

You are completely drawn in. You are mesmerized. You can't look away.

That is Chop and Change in a nutshell. You can not look away from the story.

Oh Chopward...tatted, pierced, smexy, rough, tough, and ruthless...

You know, the type of guy that we should run away from. But do you run? Absolutely you run, right in to the arm's of the bad boy.

And that's exactly what our Bella does upon their initial meeting. A meeting of Bella trying to steal Edward's car. She is completely drawn in as is Edward to her, though his initial instinct is to kill her for trying to steal his beloved Tanya.

Chapter after chapter is crazy action. These two together are explosive and extremely volatile. Love them even though what they are doing is so wrong, just can't help rooting for them. 

KrazyK85 is writing a fun over the top story that is packed full of explosive situations with a side of serious smexiness. These two are insatiable for each other and majorly possessive! 

A definite read with an amazing flow in the story line. Every chapter is a hit, no idea how she keeps it up but I am glad she does!

Here's an excerpt/teaser for the next upcoming chapter...

“Alice says their plane lands in thirty minutes,” Edward said, glancing away from his phone and over at me.
“Ten minutes is all we've got to get in and get out.”
Tick, tock, tick-fucking-tock.
“We’ll circle the block a few times,” Peter said, pulling over, “but if you’re not out by nine-thirty, Char and I are gone.”
“You do what you have to do, man,” Edward said, leaning forward and patting Peter on the back. “If we’re not out by then, go back to the hotel and wait a couple of hours, and if we don’t show, just destroy everything and head back to Phoenix.”
“Are you expecting that we’re going to get caught?” I asked.
“No,” he said, tucking the Colt into his belt, “but it’s smart to plan for failure.”
“What about Jasper and Emmett?” Charlotte’s soft and caring eyes were wide with concern.
“Can you text them for us? Just let them know that shit went astray and to get the fuck out of the country as soon as possible.”
“Of course,” Charlotte’s smile was warm, “we’re family.” She reached over the seat and grasped Edward’s hand, a soft stroke, and a gentle squeeze.
It was instant.
The strong and powerful ping of jealousy shot through me, pumping and pulsating in my veins. I felt it deep in my bones. A prickly and uncomfortable sensation on my skin, manifesting into this glaring hatred for this woman, who continued to touch what was mine, and I wanted her to stop.
Seconds ticked by slowly as I waited for Charlotte to remove her hand before I acted on my murderous thoughts.
“Um, thanks,” Edward said, breaking away from the hold she had on him and grabbed my wrists, pinning them down to my lap. I had no idea that I’d been reaching for my gun. “Let’s hope that it doesn't come to violence,” he said to her but was speaking to me.

See what I mean??? Bad bad bad...

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