Thursday, December 20, 2012

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Summary: Edward Cullen, vampire, telepath... And occasional seventeen year old boy. An unlikely friendship leads the way to Edward falling for the right human, and discovering the meaning to love and immortality.

Tjcbunni22 is just brilliant. I have read some of her other stories and always feel in love with them. So it was no surprise I was instantly drawn into this one, As I Am, featuring Edward and Angela. 

This is a beautiful read with Edward’s internal struggles to find happiness in his life, and to let it stay and not run from it. Or push it away. Angela is a powerful and amazingly strong character in this story while staying very cannon (based off the bit we know about her from the Saga). She even delves into Angela’s personal life, from her mother dying in front of her and her being the daughter of a Preacher. 

Angela intrigues Edward and that conflicts him. How her mind works makes him think twice and I think he loves it. While she thinks he is absurd and confusing, she does find herself falling in love with him. 

“ That one time she had spared me sixteen seconds in her mind, that one time she had thought quickly and wistfully how she missed our limited time together during the project and even the marring confusion I had left in her heart-especially that intricate perplexity I had lodged into her mind on how a being so beautiful could have ever gazed upon her with undiluted awe.
Oh, especially that one time, in those sixteen seconds every hour of her classroom that she allowed my name to drift into her mind with charring control…
That one time was enough for me. It was my drug. “

However, yes there is a Bella. Yes her blood sings to him but that doesn't stop Angela nor scare her away. So this is their attempt to make a run for happiness within each other arms. 

One vampire, one human girl and endless possibilities for danger or maybe just one HEA. 

Her Edward and Angela is truly a breath of fresh air in Twilight fiction.

** I've only read one other Edward/Angela fic and in the end, Bella stole him right from under poor Angela's nose! So this is a different storyline that looks really good and very different. Looking forward to checking it out myself.

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