Sunday, November 11, 2012

   Fandom Fights Hurricane Sandy 

  Please Join Us In Helping All That Have Been Affected

Whether you are an author dedicating your time and your words, or a donator, you are ALL amazing.

By donating a minimum of $10 (Which is the minimum for The American Red Cross) or whatever your minimum is in your country (Feel free to donate more than your minimum but that is all we require) you will have access to a compilation of stories and poems by amazing authors.

Please remember that all donation sites may require a different minimum from another. It is usually in a different country. We will accept all donations as long as they are for a hurricane relief. These stories are going to be from all different kinds of fandoms; not just twilight.

So if you want to write for Harry Potter, Hunger Games or write your own original fiction, we need you!

We have decided to use The Red Cross as our organization we will be supporting and you can check out their website here. That link will take you to their donate page and you can choose which option you want to donate to. There is a disaster section for hurricanes, storms and other disasters.

Submission Due : December 20th  
Compilation sent out : December 23rd  
Last Day to Donate : January 15th  
Authors can publicly post story : January 16th

* On a personal note, I live in Howard Beach, NY. One of the many area's devastated by this storm. I can not even describe the horror of that night when the water came at us in waves down our streets. The force was so powerful it broke through brick walls, windows, and ac vents. I was also one of the lucky ones that did not lose my home. In my area alone, aside from being without power, heat, hot water, and running water for 10 days, there are so many who lost their homes, lost everything. 

The area is still suffering. No gas or food in the area. Everything is day by day. The conditions are horrible and I know much is not being reported on the news. 

So much help is needed.

Of all the fandom causes that go on, this is truly one that needs a lot of support and participation. 

Any participation would be greatly appreciated.

For More Info: Fandom Fights Sandy
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