Sunday, October 28, 2012

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Summary: Suppose that Paul was alpha. Suppose imprinting never existed and wolves use marking to bring females into the pack. Leah Clearwater was betrayed by fiance Paul for her cousin 3 years ago. Forced to return to the rez for the summer she finds herself drawn to Jacob. What happens when Paul wants her back? The three of them must grow up and become the leaders they were meant to be.

Imagine for a moment that it was Paul that abandoned Leah Clearwater for Emily. And that abandonment wasn't due to some supernatural voodoo imprint. Imagine Harry died before either Clearwater kid had phased.

3 years ago Leah fled to Seattle to go to college. Lack of a summer job has forced her to return home to wait for the fall semester. Now that she's home she's got to face the changes in La Push, changes in her family, changes in herself.

What's this attraction to Jacob all about? And what the hell is she going to do when Paul comes sniffing around again?

There's no such thing as an imprint in this story but marking exists, indicating not so much commitment as it does ownership.

You can also find the story being posted in the This Is Gonna Hurt group on JBNP .

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