Sunday, October 28, 2012


" C'mon Baby Light Our Fire"   
What will future bon fires and the tribal stories around them be like?
Write Post BD Bonfire scene.
With "baby" or babies - it'll be hot either way!
Any wolves - any POV - any ratings
Whose there? What's going on? What are the stories being told?
Further into the future the more fun!

Contest description:

What will those future bonfires bring? New & old tribal stories, families gathering, babes or babies snuggling, laughter, tears, firelight embraces, or wants. Its your call! All you need to do is gather the wood and light the fire! And don't get sand where sand shouldn't go ...

Important Dates

Entry Submissions: Oct 5 - Nov 9
Voting: Nov 9 - Nov 16
Winner Announced: Nov 18

For More Info

Contest Site | @JBNP

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