Tuesday, September 4, 2012


"In this vampire, there is belief. His exquisite thirst for blood doesn't hold him, but empowers him. He embraces what he is, what he's capable of and this is his pain."

I am completely and thoroughly convinced that Raggdoll of Twilight can read my mind. 

Just last night she updated House of The Horde which has been on hiatus. A story I have been following from the start that has been scaring the ever loving bajeesus out of me! These vamps most certainly do not sparkle unless it is with drops of blood dripping from their mouths.

So while this post originally was to pimp an outtake for Lion Eats Lamb as well as give a subtle, yet little affectionate nudge for the sequel she spoke of, instead it has now become a love fest of Raggdoll of Twilight's  ability to weave a story of horror all the while keeping you coming back for more. And that is saying a lot coming from a wuss like me. 

Yes, I am a wuss. I also possess the Denzel Complex. Don't know what the complex is? You've seen Training Day. Don't even try and tell me while watching it you weren't thinking through the whole movie that in the end the whole thing was undercover and he was good all along. Hence, the Denzel Complex. 

That in a nutshell is what happens to me every time I read a Raggdoll of Twilight story. I think with every update, every chapter Edward will all of a sudden change, well at least not try and eat Bella. It is Edward after all.

But that doesn't happen. Edward is a dark and evil vampire. And while I love the darkness, him killing or trying to kill Bella is new to me. The Denzel Complex kicks in every time only to be stomped on by Raggdoll of Twilight. Every single time. *shakes head*

And if I am a wuss, why do I read her stories? Because they are that good. Even though you are being scared and jumping at every word. You are being told a dark story that never veers from it's course. From start to finish the story stays on path. It is a very Stephen King type quality. Scares me without the slasher gore affect. That I don't like. I prefer the visual to be created in my mind by the writers words.


So while these stories are not for everyone, and no story is, it still does not diminish the talent she has in her evil little laptop. With characterizations that are a stunning testament to writing what you love. And she does love the dark. And on top of the writing, her banners are gorgeous and express her stories very vividly. 

There is no second guessing as to what's to come.  

I do love Raggdoll of Twilight's stories. Even though she will scare the ever loving bajeesus out of me. Every single time. 

*mumbling to self rocking in a corner*

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