Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Iron Pen Challenge

There is a new Iron Pen Challenge scheduled for September 29!

 Prize: ebook of More by TM Franklin

Guest Judges

TM Franklin aka Tkegl

Date: September 29

Check In: 1:30pm PST
Time Starts: 2:00pm PST
Time Ends: 3:00pm PST

Winner Announced: October 6

* The Secret Ingredient Tweet goes off 
when the time starts.

* This date may change depending on the amount of entries and how long judging takes.

Fill out an application!

Title Header

You know her as TKegl, author of many amazing Twilight Fan Fiction like Beyond Time, Just One of the Boys, and Cutlass. We know her as TM Franklin, a new upcoming author ready to make her mark in the world.

TM Franklin will be acting as a Guest Judge as part of her Blog Tour (9/29 to 10/6).

IPC will be participating by releasing a review of her upcoming book during the challenge on September 29.

The winner of this challenge (as determined by scores from all three guest judges) will win an ebook of More.

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