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Summary: Sam left a hole in my heart, Jacob Black put a cable through it. To bad I just killed the woman he loved -Bella Swan. Jacob Black is my imprint. Yes, this is going to hurt to read, imprinting has never been so ugly.

Warning: Story contains character death.

I am posting the warning because I know many do not like nor will read a story with a character death. Normally, I am not particularly fond of them either because they are just not handled very well. An ends to a mean to get a character out of the way. I don't like that.

In the case of Map Me with Bruises, Baby, PMU handles the death within the context of the story line that makes sense and is not done for the sake of killing someone off.

This is a dark story. It is also a completely different spin on BD with the a big "what if " Sam's orders were carried out? But there is also love, understanding, and a bit of smexiness.

I really liked it including the darkness, it just made sense and gave a more realistic quality to BD. I could definitely see it happening PMU's way. Now keep in mind for those have not read BD and only saw the movie. You will be confused as the movie was not very accurate in the depictions of the emotions that were going on within the pack. It was highly glossed over. If you read BD, you will definitely get PMU's spin on the story and appreciate it for it's own merits.

The "what if" is just that. What if Sam's orders were carried out and Leah was the one to do it sparing Jacob? 

I move in silently as I watch Jacob stand there alone outside the Cullen's mansion like a guard dog, his mind is restless and I can see the weary expression on his face. He looks lost and broken. He is a good man but how good can you be when the one you love has spit on your face time and time again?

Leah is often portrayed in a very unflattering the light. I didn't see her that way in the books. I found her to be very strong. Definitely a woman wronged by her circumstances and angry, but not a bitch. She is much more complex than that. You really need to read the books to understand her a bit more. Not saying SM did a good job with her characterization of Leah, but you definitely come away with there being more to her than meets the eye.

Within Map Me with Bruises, Baby you will see a very different Leah than you are used to and a much more realistic Jacob. He was entirely to accepting of the circumstances for me in BD considering his hatred for vamps that we all read in Full Moon and Eclipse. But here you get to see him as he should have been. His feelings of hurt, confusion, and betrayal were palpable.  

Map Me with Bruises, Baby is not for everyone. You will either love it or hate it. And that always makes a great story for me. The harsh contrasts of opinions. 

Those are the stories I always want to check out.

"Maybe one day I can look at you and not see the way you mapped with me bruises." Her words make me growl in protest at myself as I feel anger for ever touching her that way.

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