Monday, September 24, 2012


The Pirates of Vampire Island, A Paranormal Romantic Thriller (Steamy Voyages #1)

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Oh what to say what to say? So many thoughts floating in my head about this story and that is usually a good thing, this time I am not so sure. I liked the story and I didn't like the story. That doesn't usually happen to me. I either like it or I don't.

This was an "in between" story for me meaning it is one of those shorter stories I read in between the 3 or 4 different stories I am normally reading at a time. It breaks things up. My "in betweeners" are usually fluffy or smutty. That's what I thought I was getting, even though the writers did note in the summary the vampires were evil. I still regardless have a tendency to romanticize the evil. I mean they're pirates! Vampire pirates. Come on, even if evil, they do have an air of romance to them. Not so much for the vampires of Vampire Island.

Needless to say I was very surprised. These were evil, ruthless, viscous vampires. Not one single let alone romantic quality I could find. They killed at a drop of the hat for really no reason at all. They kidnapped young beautiful girls for their own needs, and when done, killed them too. I was intrigued. I kept reading.

What I liked - The main characters, Jane, Peter, and Nick. I found their personalities and the writers characterizations very well thought out. They all stayed very true to themselves and the depiction. I also was very happy with the prose of the story. No bumps or stalls in the flow at all.I loved the writers research on Indonesia, the surrounding oceans, jungles, survival strategies, and National Geographic. As I was reading I kept thinking, I didn't know that or yes, I could do that to stay alive. It was very informative and written in a very entertaining way. I also liked the history of these particular vampires, how they became vampires as well as the specific nuances associated with them. Again, very nice job by the writers in their characterizations. And lastly, lots of action, suspense, and thrills. It flowed through the entire story keeping you on edge with the "what happens next".

What I didn't like - Described as a romantic thriller, I didn't really see the romance until the last 2 chapters and even then it was more an acknowledgement by Jane that she did like Peter and was only lustfully attracted to Nick who was a selfish, self centered, murderous, wealthy, good looking creep. How's that for a character? Where as Peter, nerdy, smart, kind, thoughtful and giving. Also the hero and life saver of the story. It was a very a-typical triangle, you saw it coming a mile away. I found Jane's interaction with Leon, the vampire leader unbelievable as well as her own reactions to her dire circumstances once he kidnapped her completely unrealistic. Her subsequent escape from him left me with the...really? seriously? I also did not care for the manner in which the story ended. It was very abrupt and obvious the writers are creating a series. I was left many unanswered questioned, mainly, what happened to Leon? And who is this Opel, the mentioned vampire king?

But, even with all the misses, I was definitely intrigued enough to go on and read book 2 when it is released. Mainly because I want to know what happened to Leon and if Jane and Peter meet up with him again. I am hoping book 2 continues with the action, history, knowledge, some more romance, and mostly, what happened to Leon?

So yup, weirdest review I have ever done about a story I was really on the fence with.

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