Sunday, May 13, 2012

Virgin DancerVirgin Dancer by Deborah Court

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

** Review is spoiler free - only outline **

I loved Bound To A Prince and am looking forward to Bound To Magic, so when Virgin Dancer came my way as a freebie, I didn't hesitate snatching it up. I do enjoy Deborah Court's story weaving.

She has the ability to make us believe the worlds she creates.

Though a novella, the story was full of suspense, drama, and romance. Interwoven in to a full story line. I was extremely surprised as I thought originally it would be a fluffy smutty read, as most novella's are.

We have Jade, the virgin dancer, looking to give up her virginity, but not to any old guy who comes along, he has to be someone she wants to spend the night with, one time. Quite the contradiction. Then there's Alrik, the stunningly handsome viking like god/club owner/man of mystery. A definite book friend candidate.

Sparks and chemistry permeate their meeting, but alas, it'as not to be, yet...

That's where the drama and background comes in on the cast of characters. And when I say drama, I mean drama. Human trafficking and blackmail.

A definite quick read that gives a solid punch of the senses. I liked it a lot and wouldn't mind a little more from these day.

** 3 stars only because it is a novella after all - but still my highest rating for novella's. :)

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