Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Who doesn't love a lemon?? And what better way to hone your citrusy skills than a weekly writing challenge??

Let's see what the cheeky's have to say...

These weekly posting are an exercise in lemon writing. As authors we are often challenged with writing a complete story, but we have the need and desire for lemons.

This is a outlet to work on those skills. We encourage you to write and submit entries, as well as read and review those posted.

We are going to attempt to post every Wednesday 'hump day' to help you get through your week. So stretch those lemon muscles, squeeze our lemon and give us the juices.

Minimum Word Count: 2,000
Maximum: How ever you want to wow us
Subject: Pretty much whatever you want, canon, slash, polyslash, self-pleasure, lemon juice, lemon wedges 
 ~ a prompt will be provided to get you, um, going ~
Exclusions: No rape, pedofilia, incest, necrophilia (not including vampires) or beastality
Submissions must be beta'd


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