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Summary: Bella Swan is a 35 yr old English teacher with a secret obsession with Edward Masen, a vampire in the Almost Dusk series of books. When an accident hurls Bella into Edward's world, can true love prevail in a place that can't be real? How do you know?

Lakermom37 is back as is her phenomenal team, darcysmom, kare831 & twimom817, to bring us another story. 

Normally I would never rec a story only two chapters in. Impossible to really get a feel for the story line let alone the characters. I would save it for my reading list and mark it as a to be watched. 

But there is something about Two World's Collide.

I met Lakermom37 originally when she started posting her first story, Letting Down The Walls. A very personal journey with an interesting story line with Bella suffering from severe psoriasis. 

Next was the short story, Amore Tutto Cambia, written for Fandom Against Juvenile Diabetes

Two Worlds Collide at chapter 1 left me floored. The growth of the writing in such a short time left me speechless. The flow, feel, and prose of the story is remarkable. You can literally see and feel how much she has grown as a writer. I truly was very shocked. Especially coming from someone who only started posting last November, a definite newbie. Two Worlds Collide does not read like fanfiction, it reads like a story.

And the story line...what can I say? Lakermom37 hit it out of the park on this one. Who doesn't fall in love with the characters of stories they love? Who doesn't have book boyfriends? Who doesn't dream and imagine meeting these boyfriends?

I know I do and so do you. Whether you keep it a secret or not, you know you do!

So as nosy as I am, I naturally wanted to know where the idea came from and how she was able to put the story together. After all, I get ideas all the time, that doesn't mean I can put them together in a way to tell a story that would make sense let alone be interesting.

Here is Lakermom37, in her own words, giving me the scoop and the inner workings of her brain...

The idea for TWC came about in a Twitter conversation one night. I made the joke that someone should write about an older Bella, one closer to most of our actual ages, and her addiction to Edward Cullen/Twilight. I wish I'd saved that conversation. I made the decision that I'd give it a shot after LDTW and my F4NKH outtake was done. So here I am. I think many FFn readers can relate to Bella on some level, whether by age, professional occupation, love for reading or the addiction we all have that brought us to the FFn world. I chose to change the name of the book series and make Edward a Masen, so I could use author discretion to change a few things around and not tarnish Twilight or EC. 

As for Bella, I used a combination of myself and several friends of mine in the Fandom to create her character. She's not the shy, unassuming girl from Twilight, but is a 35 year old professional career woman, and a few things from her past that have molded her into the woman she's become. She's not a perfect size 2; she's been severely overweight and has worked hard to lose the weight until she is comfortable with her body. She's  suffered loss of her family and she's alone in the world, less her friends and students, but not a recluse. Lastly, she fantasizes about Edward Masen charging in on his white stallion, professing his undying love and whisking her away to HEA Land. This last addiction she keeps to herself. She doesn't think the real world would understand her addiction. A 35 year old woman with an obsession to a fictional character in a book? 

Who does that! ;) 

Without giving away too much, I'll say that there's an accident and Bella loses consciousness. When she wakes, she's left the world she knows behind and finds herself in her wildest fantasy... a world with what seems to be a very real Edward Masen. I'm still tweaking his character, but I hope to steer him away from the brooding, OCD "Edward" and make him more loose and funny. We'll see. My characters usually write themselves and I'm just the one to write their words. 

Definitely give Two Worlds Collide a shot. Though in it's infancy, you will be hooked and just possibly see yourself in Bella's shoes...

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  1. I have been so lucky to be along for the ride with Lakermom37! It thrills me to pieces to see other people recognize and celebrate her growth as a writer. Like you, I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!