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Congratulations Bellemeer!
Winner of the Hottest Lemon Award

Q: Can you give our readers a summary of the fic that you won Hottest Lemon for?

A: The TACIE What Ifs are tangent storylines or outtakes based on my story called, There's a crack in everything so I should probably start by summarising it.


Jasper Whitlock is a famous movie star on a par with the Real Life equivalents, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, or Robert Pattinson and he's a little disillusioned - something is missing in his life. Straight out of college he agreed to do one small movie as a bit of a lark, it became a cult hit and suddenly he was on the rollercoaster ride of fame. Ten years later he has built a solid career for himself but love has eluded him.

He arrives in Australia for the premier of his latest movie and at the behest of his agent is rather reluctantly attending the exhibition opening of local artist, Edward Cullen.

Meeting Edward turns Jasper's world on its ear.

Unfortunately for Jasper, Edward was less impressed and rebuffs his overtures.
He returns to the United States a very different man to the one who left it.

Over the next six months he is plagued by dreams, thoughts, and longings for Edward and he comes to accept he's obviously not as heterosexual as he thought he was...

He returns to Australia to film his next movie and feeling compelled to explore the obsession he has for Edward he turns up on his doorstep and initiates a friendship with him.

We follow the journey of their friendship and growing attraction. The boys have a few hiccups along the way but after a traumatic event they succumb to their overwhelming feelings of love and embark on a love affair.

They have a few issues to deal with, namely Jasper's fame and his coming out to both his family and the world at large.

So now the race is on. Will the paparazzi out him or will he have the opportunity to out himself?

TACIE What Ifs: The What Ifs were born as a result of two complimentary needs.

The first being I was driving my readers crazy with the UST as There's a crack in everything is a slow burn story!  It takes the boys a long time to come together, if you will pardon the pun.

The second being this was my first attempt at writing and I had never written a lemon before and with the huge build-up to their first time I felt I needed to practice first!

So, deciding I needed to polish my keyboard-melting skills I took a few chapters and had one or both of the boys make a different decision and take us on a tangent ride to the main story line.

Chapter 1 is based on Chapter 1 of There's a crack in everything where the boys meet for the first time.

Chapter 2 is based on Chaper 11 of the main story where Buddy (oh yeah, did I mention Jasper has a name for his cock???) wins over Jasper's other brain!

Chapter 3 is based on Chapter 13 and this time it is Edward who succumbs. (I can't blame him - tighty whities do it for me too!)

Chapter 4 is based on Chapter 15 and is possibly my favourite - not because it is so much hotter than the others, but rather because Jasper declares himself and claims his man.

Chapter 5... hhm, what can I say about Chapter 5??? It's not really based on any specific chapter as such. It was just Jasper's cock, Buddy, demanding his fifteen minutes (he'd tell you hour) of fame. Umm, yes, chapter 5 is written from the cock's POV. All I will say is that Buddy is a very cocky cock, or as he would say, a genius!

Q: As a writer of slash, do you think it is harder to write a lemon between the same sex than a man and a woman?

Yes and No!

Obviously, as a woman, I lack a man's equipment and will never know what it feels like to get an erection or what they experiene as they ejaculate, but I have been fortunate to have a few open-minded gay  friends who got over their shock and haven't minded answering my somewhat invasive and detailed questions! I've even been guilty of grilling my ex-husband about what a man experiences physically during arousal (poor bastard probably regrets remaining friends with me!)

Having said that, I am as guilty as the next artist/writer of taking artistic liberties to romanticise or heat things up even more!

So in that respect, yes, slash is harder.

On the 'No' side is the fact that I much prefer looking at and describing the male physiology - sorry but boobs and vagina's just don't do it for me! I don't care how many paintings Georgia O'Keefe does of the female pussy looking like a flower, give me a picture of an erect penis any day of the week!

And I must admit I rather enjoy researching new positions and experiences for the boys - that's my euphemism for watching boy lovin' boy porn, LOL!

I think I may be wearing a permanent blush after this interview! Thank God for the anonymity of the internet!

Q: What do you use as your inspiration to write and does it change when you know you are about to write a lemon?

Many things inspire me, but I suppose the biggest for me when it comes to art and writing would have to be the written word. I love a beautifully crafted sentence and even in my visual art pieces I often incorporate language. Language is a living, breathing, evolving thing and I never underestimate its power. Whether in a song lyric, a poem, a speech, or even in a simple conversation we've all experienced words that resonate with us. They may make us recall a powerful moment, inspire us, move us, or perhaps comfort us... but at the same time we don't think in words. We think in pictures. If I say the word 'dog' to you, you arent' picturing the letters 'd' 'o' 'g', you are picturing a dog from your memory. In my artworks I am obseessed with the idea of combining a literal language with a visual one.

Oops, I got a bit sidetracked there - I am also a visual artist and on a side note, all the artworks described in TACIE are my own.

Okay, back on track ... so in TACIE, I suppose I am trying to paint a picture with words and so a poem, song, or quote often leads me down a certain path in a chapter. TACIE has many quotes and songs sprinkled throughout it and several chapters have been written around or are used to illustrate a certain sentiment expressed in the words that are inspiring me.

Emily Bronte was speaking of dreams but I think her thoughts work equally well for words: I've dreamt in my life dreams that have stayed with me ever after, and changed my ideas; they've gone through and through me, like wine through water, and alterd the colour of my mind.

I also love to listen to music as I write - the combination of beautiful lyrics with melody certainly helps set the mood.

In regards to whether my inspiration changes when writing a lemon, I would have to say it does not so much change as have a new element added to it - a visual element. Many of my lemons have been inspired by a photo, gif, or video that I found particularly sensual and erotic. Even with the visual element, though, I still find inspiration in language, using it to add what I hope is an element of intimacy to the scene as for me 'love' is far sexier than just 'fucking.'

I'm a romantic at heart, so for me the desperate need to be near, touch, kiss, and lose oneself in another is far hotter and sexier than random hook-up sex. For me intimacy to the scene adds depth. Love is HOT!

Q: How did  you feel when you found out you were nominated, and ultimately won, a Hidden Star Award?

Firstly let me extend my thanks to the team at the Hidden Star Awards for hosting the competition and giving some of the smaller stories and newer authors a chance to shine.I was thrilled and somewhat floored when one of my FFn friends let me know I'd won the Hottest Lemon category.  Like every author, beta, and pre-reader in the fandom I put a lot of time and effort into every single chapter, so to have my efforts recognised was beyond fantastic.

To be honest, I got quite emotional - I'm convinced I have the best readers in the fandom. Some of them have been with me since Chapter 1 and they are unfailingly encouraging and supportive and I hope they are reading this interview so they know just how grateful I am for their loyalty and enthusiasm for me and my boys. Their reviews and PM's really do inspire me to keep trying to improve in every aspect of my writing. 

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See you all next week with some more interviews of our 
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