Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Today we have Mkystich's chat with JA Mash...writer, banner maker, admin of the The Drabble Wars, contributor as well as supporter to many of the fandom causes, and yes...Edward lover...you know I love that!

Let us see what goodies Mkystich was able to wrangle out of our multifaceted winner...

Mkystich: ::waves:: Hello from California

JA Mash: Hi right back atcha, from a cornfield in upstate NY

Mkystich: Like Woodstock area? ::crosses fingers::

JA Mash: haha... No, just a really small town. I only have one immediate neighbor.

Mkystich: Wow. Hence the Twi-fandom?

JA Mash: Pretty much. About nine months ago I was online one day and found the fan fiction story Wide Awake. Well, at first, I said What the heck is fan fiction? Then I read Wide Awake and I've been hooked ever since.

Mkystich: And then you started writing. ::lol:: And boy do you write. 15 stories already up.

JA Mash: Well they aren't all “full stories”. I have so many voices in head; I just love writing one-shots to them. I started writing back in June, but I didn't start posting until October. I have two full fics, a handful of drabbles, and a whole bunch of one-shots.

Mkystich: So how did you start making banners?

JA Mash: It actually started with just messing around with pictures to make banners for authors I admired. I have always loved playing on the computer. I had taken some elective computer graphics classes in high school and it was always something I enjoyed. When people started liking what I did I started making story banners, and manips, for my friends. I also make the graphics for all my own stories. I have just recently started getting banner requests from random people saying “So and so said you make banners”. I've probably made around 50-60 at this point and a bunch of manips just for fun.

Mkystich: What Program do you use?

JA Mash: I use Photoshop CS5 and Photoshop Elements.

Mkystich: CS5 is a great program. That’s what I use too.

JA Mash: I have access to Elements all the time, so most of my work is done there. CS5 is not on my personal laptop, so I don't get to use it that as much. *dreamy sigh*I miss it.

Mkystich: Do you have a favorite banner that you've done?

JA Mash: I don’t know if I could pick just one favorite. Sometimes when I’m making a new one that’ll be my favorite until the next one comes along. *lol* I’m still learning. I can say that I see an improvement between the first banner I ever made compared to the one I am working on at the moment.

Mkystich: Okay, time for Twilight questions. Favorite book out of the series?

JA Mash: New Moon. Even though I am a die hard E/B fan, and hated that he left her in that book, I think that book pulled the most emotions out of me as a reader. I'll never forget the first time I read it. I didn't know what was going to happen.

Mkystich: What about movie?

JA Mash: Although I loved Breaking Dawn, out of them all, Eclipse is still my favorite movie so far.

Mkystich: I loved that one too.
Mkystich: Are you a fan of the soundtracks?

JA Mash: I actually haven't listened to them completely. Of course I've listened to Rob's music, and the song they used on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack, but I like what I've heard of them. My favorite song in all the movies is the one in Eclipse when they did the practice fighting. It's my ring tone and has been since that movie came out

Mkystich: ::lol:: That’s AWESOME!
Mkystich: Do you have a blog like other banner makers, where people can send banner request?

JA Mash: I have a blog but it's just for my stories as of right now. I only just started getting requests from people I didn't know, so I actually don't have a request form yet or anything. I only added the banners I had made, that weren't for my own stories, last week. Most of my requests are from people who find me on Facebook.

But I do have a friend at this time that is in the process of helping me set up my blog for requests. I’m very excited.

Mkystich: That sounds great. We can’t wait to see it once it’s up.

Winning Banner - Don't Go Gently

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