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SummaryWhen Bella Swan flees to London to escape her painful and humiliating past she doesn't expect her charismatic new boss to be quite so interested in her secrets... AH. Britishward. Rated M for language and lemons.

New comer Amber1983 is writing a romantic story with drama sprinkled through out. Bella has a painful secret. Edward is British, love that. Definite chemistry between them. Lot's of characters weaved through the story line. A story you will want to read. And if you love reading angst like I do, The Search will give you room to breath and sooth your heart. A definite feel good story.

I am loving this story. But then again, I do love a British Edward. Just seems so right. 

Edward and Bella's dynamic, employer/employee is merely a back drop. Their relationship is so much push and pull that you are just devouring the chapters to see what happens next. Lot's of build up, which I like. They both have so much going on in their past and to ignore it and jump right in to "things" would water down the characterizations and leave no understanding for the readers why they are the way they are.

Amber1983, though new to the fandom, is doing a fantastic job of unwinding the characters and story line. The chapters flow very nicely and her writing makes you think more than a romance going on. And though a fun read, there are many nuances to her story as well as Britishisms that keep you on your toes.

The Search is a story you will want to read.

"Bella, I really need to apologise. About last night."
This would be so much easier if she would just look at me but her eyes are in her lap, her hands clasped.
I clear my throat and attempt to steady my heartbeat.
"I feel terrible. I obviously...misunderstood the situation." I notice her face twitch slightly and the slight blush begins high on her cheeks.
I continue. "I was pretty battered, but I know that is no excuse. It was inappropriate for me to touch you and I'm really sorry."

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