Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Summary: 2nd place public vote winner in the Twi Erotica Contest. After purchasing a naughty negligee on impulse, Bella surprises husband Edward one night when he gets home from work. AH. M for lemons.

Some of the best places to find new stories and one shots are the many contests and causes that the fandom hosts. I found this smexy little gem from the Twi Erotica Contest. And even though the contest has completed and winners were posted, the site is still up with all the fantastic entries posted. 

So always check these sites out. It doesn't matter the contests are finished, the stories stay posted for us all to enjoy. And you never know where a new favorite is going to come from.

I turn to face him, and his expression is priceless—even better than I hoped. His normally emerald eyes have deepened to dark jade, and his jaw is tense. I can see that he still has one hand clenched tightly around his briefcase handle, while the other clutches his keys.

"Surprise," I whisper, moistening my lips with the tip of my tongue. He watches the movement very closely, and I notice a slight shift in the front of his black dress slacks.

"What are…? What's going…?" He can't get out a complete question.

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