Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons are upon us, and while it’s a joyful time of year for many of us, it’s a source of sadness for others. There are so many families who struggle to make ends meet on a daily basis and the holiday season only provides grief and frustration. These families often turn to local food banks in order to put a decent meal on their table. Unfortunately, food banks are suffering as well, and their supplies dwindle to a daunting low during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

MyVampFiction is once again encouraging everyone to pull together and help the less fortunate by donating to our PayPal, or by donating canned and non-perishable food items to your local food bank this season by participating in the Team MVF Holiday Food Drive.

This year, for every $10 you donate to the cause, you will be entered into a random drawing to win an autographed book by one of the authors who have signed up with us.

Please, donate today. There are food pantries all across the country that are struggling to keep their shelves stocked. No one should go hungry – not when it is in our power to help. Each dollar you donate can provide 8 meals to people in need.

We’ve made it easy to donate. By using the PayPal feature, you can quickly donate to the cause. All monies raised will go to Feeding America. Or, if you would like to donate to a charity of your choice, please forward a copy of your donation receipt to us at

Together, we can fight hunger, one dollar at a time.

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