Sunday, November 13, 2011

Here's a thought, a nekkid Fandom. But that is exactly what we would have without the wonderful graphic artists that inhabit the Fandom. Blogs with no banners. No buttons. No blinkies. No award banners. No avi's. Can you imagine that? I know I couldn't. Personally, I love the graphics sites. It is so amazing to me the creativity and abilities the graphic artists have. I am not artistically inclined at all, therefore I stalk all the amazing graphic sites the Fandom offers trying to just soak it all in.

I discovered Printing Paws by affiliation. This is a site dedicated exclusively to create graphics for the wolf pack. Banners, videos, backgrounds, avatars, manips, etc. Now, I was never a big wolf pack fan. I am an Edward girl all the way. But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the amazing graphics as well as their niche in the Fandom. There are not that many wolf pack specific sites and Printing Paws definitely fills that void as well as offer a great service to the wolf pack writers. They are also the only site that take graphic requests for wolf centered stories.

Their site administrator, don'tcallmeLeeLee is one of the nicest people I have met in the Fandom. She even did my site's blinkie. So even though wolf pack specific, they are more than capable of offering their services outside their chosen genre.

They also hosted their first contest which was really great for the wolf pack lovers. You can see the entries - HERE.  And to see some amazing banner work - HERE.

Wolf pack specific, that made me very curious. Their chosen genre as well as the large staff they have. How did they all come together? How did their site come about? Who are these amazing artists?

Printing Paws was nice enough to entertain my curiosity and satiate my stalking tendencies by doing an interview for me. Their answers were amazing. You just never know what drives people, how they wind up in the Fandom, how they do what they do. Personally, I love finding these things out and I am sure you all do too.

Because of the size of the staff and the obvious talents these ladies possess, the interview is long, in a good way. These ladies are not just graphic artists. They write as well, both FF stories and original works. I wanted to know about everything so I asked every question of them I could think of and did not have the heart to cut it down. The answers were just so surprising! You just never know what someone will say.

So join me in my journey with don'tcallmeLeeLee, MyNoAngel ,goldengirl2707, LaPushStarlight, Brittie, aers, Leilani972, LakeBlackWater92, and Kavtha.

You will love the interview and all that you find out about these lovely ladies and why they are in the Fandom Fanatic Spotlight.

Click here for the full interview - Printing Paws Interview




My blinkie created by don'tcallmeLeeLee


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