Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hmm…what am I reading? I am always reading something. I actually have two bookcases in my living room. I also carry my Nook everywhere I go, and have stories downloaded on my laptop. I have a bit of an obsession with books. Yes, obsession. I am usually reading 2 – 3 books at a time, have a few stories going in my laptop, and the ”what I am reading” tab in my Nook usually has 2 books open. I am also always buying books, real books, tangible page turning books. How can you not? With the ease of Amazon and Barnes & Noble, you don’t even have to leave in order to receive.

I have many books downloaded on my Nook, it is a wonderful convenience. From classics to short 175 pg e-books. I recently started reading the Heat Series by Karen Marie Moning, I blame the ladies of MVF for this new obsession.The enigma of Jericho Barrons is just mind boggling. I finished book #1 Dark Fever without having any understanding who JZB is or his real intentions.I am now on book #2 Blood Fever with no real hope of understanding him but completely addicted to this series!

Blood Fever by Karen Marie Moning
Monig’s latest feverish Fae dispatch (after Darkfever) finds that in Dublin “the walls are coming down between Man and Faery.” That means that the Buffy-like services of MacKayla Lane-the 22-year-old Georgia-born sidhe-seer (or one who can see the Fae) and slayer-are required. Mac is determined to kick the nasties back to faeryland and to avenge her sister Alina’s murder by the Fae’s dark Lord Master. She’s also seeking the sinister Sinsar Dubh, a book of black magic. Jericho Barrons, Mac’s enigmatic protector, is a purveyor of books and antiquities (and of course, is a major hunk). As Mac takes direction from Jericho, she must resist the sexy dangers of V’lane, a death-by-sex Fae, and learn about her true family of Irish sidhe-seers. Moning’s delectable Mac is breathlessly appealing, and the wild perils she must endure are peppered with endless conundrums. The results are additively dark, erotic and even shocking. For more info and reviews – Here

I am also in the midst of reading a FanFic story, The Vagina Monologes by JTMD24. This has to be one of the funniest stories I have come across in the Fandom in a very long time. You don’t usually come across well written humorous stories but this is just side splitting! The way the story is written you are just laughing in every chapter because it is just so true. Mason, the central character and child who the story circles around is just hysterical, smart but oh my goodness bad! The story is based on the writers 4 yr old son. A definite story to check out.

The Vagina Monologes by JTMD24
What happens when 2 strangers have a 1-night-stand in college? Life. But not the way you planned. It’s raising a foul-mouthed toddler, selling sex toys & trying to make your dreams come true. Oh, and running into your drunken hook-up 5yrs later.
I hate kids. I never planned on ever pushing a human out of me and turning my vagina into a pile of roast beef that no man would ever want look at, let alone bang. Let’s face it: no one was ever honest with you about child birth, not even your mother.
You can find this hysterical story – Here

I am also a very inquisitive person by nature, I always want to know “why” or “how come” and even, “who is that person.” One of the most fascinating books sitting on my coffee table that I still continue to read every once in a while is Jesus of Nazareth by Pope Benedict XVI. Now, this may seem a bit odd as a recommendation, a religious book. It’s not. Of course Jesus stirs up all kinds of thoughts and a book such as this written by the Pope you might shy away from. Don’t look at it as a “religious” book. The Pope has to be one of the most educated men to walk the earth, he is also a teacher and has the ability to explain so that we regular folk understand things that are way above our heads. The book delves in to who Jesus was and what he was trying to do. It brings a “human” Jesus to the forefront with an understanding of the “man” that I have never encountered let alone understood. It really takes you in to the world at the time Jesus walked the face of the earth and offers an understanding we could never have by just trying to read the bible or scriptures. Truly an amazing book.

Jesus of Nazareth by Pope Benedict XVI
In this rich, sophisticated introduction to the life of Jesus, the pope argues that Jesus brought to the world neither universal prosperity nor peace, but God. Indeed, Jesus cannot be understood outside of his relationship with God the Father, “which is the true center of his personality.” Ratzinger explores the meaning of key moments in the Gospels, such as the temptations of Jesus, the Transfiguration, and the Sermon on the Mount, and points to passages in which Jesus adumbrates Pauline theology. He underscores Jesus’ being rooted in the Old Testament, showing, for example, that the Beatitudes participate in a long tradition of blessings, exemplified in Psalms and Jeremiah. Ratzinger draws on historical-critical scholarship of the New Testament, but cautions that the usefulness of strictly historical readings of Scripture is limited: one must also read Scripture theologically, and view each passage of the Bible as part of a larger canonical whole. For more info and reviews – Here

Yes, my mind is a very strange place to be at times, but I like what I like and many topics hold my attention. A good story is a good story regardless of the genre.

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