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A Special Life by twimom817

Updated: 10-12-11 - Published: 10-19-10 WIP ExB Romance/Family

Summary: Edward's wife leaves him right before he finds out his son has Autism. His sister's old college friend moves to town to teach at the local school. Can they overcome their pasts and learn to love again for themselves and a child?

I am a firm believer in write what you know about or at least research it well so your readers are not traumatized. Nothing will irritate me more than a storyline taking an unbelievable turn and the writer touting, "it's just fiction". Sorry, I am not one of those readers. Though fiction, there still has to be a thread of realism to the storyline in order for your readers to follow, understand the POV's, and most importantly, believe what you are writing. Especially when you are writing about specific genres, time lines, and subject matter.

A Special Life is a story that gives you the entertainment of fiction all the while weaving a realistic storyline on a subject matter most do not understand nor have first hand knowledge on.

This is the story of Edward whose little boy Riley, was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Edward's wife Tanya, can not deal with Riley and leaves the family there by leaving Edward alone to raise Riley. Raising a child as a single parent is difficult enough, raising a child with special needs on your own, well that's a whole world of issues, traumas, and heartbreak.

Twimom817 does an amazing job telling Edward's struggle to take care of his son. Find treatment and help for him. Hold down his job, and find love and companionship with Bella, the new arrival in to his life. All of this while still entertaining us and giving a great storyline to follow.

The writer's description of Riley's behavioral issues are spot on and gives you a glimpse in to the world of autism, still a very misunderstood disorder. I found Edward very believable as a parent struggling to understand his son all the while trying to help and protect him. Even Bella, who takes a supporting role in the story is believable as an elementary school teacher who has the sensitivity to understand and calm Riley during troubling situations.

A Special Life is a wonderful feel good story of life handing you lemons and turning them in to lemonade. The story is extremely well written, intelligent, as well as informative and entertaining all at the same time. Doesn't get better than that.

Though a WIP, I am really looking forward to see where Twimom817 takes us with her tale and how Edward, Bella, and sweet little Riley end up.

"I think it's time to sing Happy Birthday." Esme gathered everyone around the table so we could sing to Riley. Alice had gotten him a Buzz Lightyear cake, which he adored.

"That wasn't right. We need to sing again," Riley cried.

Somewhere during the singing of Happy Birthday, we had done something wrong. Riley wanted us to start over again. This continued two more times till we finally got it right. We cut the cake and all enjoyed our dessert.

A Special Life is definitely a story worth checking out.

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