Sunday, October 2, 2011

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I am old enough to remember when the insurance companies wouldn't pay a gyno for a check up. They were considered a specialist and you just couldn't go as regularly as you would have liked, due to cost and need of a referral, for a basic check up which included a pap and breast exam. This has changed, the government stepped in with a law making the insurance companies change that by classifying the gyno as a standard doctor for women. It has also been 25 yrs since National Breast Cancer Awareness Month was enacted.

This makes me think of our Fandom and the current causes -

Fandom4Texas , Mal and Leo , FandomAFamine , Fandom4LLSA ,  Fandom4Cancer . Then we have the TwiGirls contest in support of NBCAM, TwiGirls B.O.O.B Contest . As well the Momma host and gatherer of all,  Fandom4Causes .

Causes are personal to all of us. What you choose to support and why should never be questioned. I feel though for the most part, the Fandom Causes are worth a look, a tweet, and support. They are causes that have been set up to help and offer information.

How can you support?

Well, you can donate. For as little as $5.00, you receive in return some wonderful compilations by writers we all know and love. It's what caught my attention initially.

You can follow them. I follow all of them. You can also re-tweet when you see one of their posts or tweets.

And if you are a site host, you can post their buttons and run their feed when they post on their sites. You do not have to be an official affiliate to do that. I run all their feeds as a "re-tweet", just to help spread the word.

You can offer your help to the causes sites as well. You'd be surprised how many do this alone or with very minimal staff. I help two sites myself behind the scenes. I am not a writer so I can't donate stories to help, but I can help with their site postings. It makes me feel good to know I am helping out more than just donating.

So in honor of NBCAM, let's remember our Fandom Causes and offer what support we are able to.

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