Saturday, October 1, 2011

Simply Coffee by Edward's Eternal

Chapters:13  Last Updated: 9/29/11 Published: 9/20/11 WIP/AH

Summary: A girl about to break. A boy who so desperately wants to help. Will she let him in ?

This week's rec is from a new writer but not an unknown to the world of Fandom. Edward's Eternal is also the beta for SheViking. A writer well known and beloved by many. And behind every fantastic writer, there is a fabulous beta. The beta is extremely important to the writer. And what is a beta? A beta is a person who reads a work of fiction with a critical eye, with the aim of improving grammar, spelling, characterization, and general style of a story prior to its release to the general public. More importantly, they are a soundboard, offer moral support, and the writer's closest allie.

So when Edward's Eternal posted her first story, naturally I had to check it out. I went in to the story with the assumption that it would be good. I know, not a smart move, huge set up for disappointment, but there was just no way that a beta of Edward's Eternal's caliber could disappoint. I hoped.

Upon reading chapter 1, you immediately note these are short chapters. The writer gets right to the point of the story without revealing any actual information. Just little bits and pieces, but enough to keep you interested. And because the chapters are relatively short and there are daily postings, I stopped reading waiting for more to be posted to get a better handle on the story.

I sat down this week and read through all 13 chapters and found this is a fantastic story.

Edward is the owner of a coffee shop. Bella comes in every weekend, orders a cup of coffee and sits in a corner booth. Simple premise, but so much more. Edward upon first site of Bella is immediately drawn in by the lovely but always sad looking Bella. He comes in every weekend to "work" just so he can serve her coffee, but never speaks to her except to utter the words, "the usual"?  Bella always shyly looks up and nods. Finally after a few weeks, Edward is nudged in to speaking to Bella by a good friend/waitress. Though he tries to carry on a conversation, desperate to get to know the lovely girl that has captured his heart, Bella is very withdrawn and guarded. The sinple fact of Edward learning the lovely girl's name just sends him soaring. Gives you an idea of just how shy and nervous these two kids are.

The story goes on to show how obsessed in a sweet way Edward is with Bella. How distant Bella always seems, and how desperate Edward is to get to know her. He knows in his heart, she is the one, no one has ever affected him in this way. He needs to know her. Who she is, what she is about, and how much he wants to be the one for her as well.

It really is a sweet story of trying to find love and hope when there are so many obstacles and sadness standing in the way. I look forward to the updates to see where Edward's Eternal leads us.

Give it a try, you will be very pleased that you do...

From Chapter 5:

What I didn't tell her was I lived for every weekend when she would come in and sit at the corner table. How I fell for her the first time I saw her walking up to me and then sitting there trying not to cry while sipping her coffee and staring at the floor. So lovely and so sad. How I wanted to sit down beside her and make her laugh and be happy because that was what she deserved. Not this seemingly non ending sadness that permeated her world. How I worried about her during the week wondering if she was ok, wondering where she was. How I had never in my life experienced feelings like this with another person. That I didn't think it was even possible to happen. Until she walked in the door of my shop that Saturday afternoon.

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