Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Behind The Gym by evieeden

One Shot  - Published 6/3/2011 - Rated - M / AH

Summary: Every day Bella disappears from school, but where she goes and what she does is not what anyone would ever suspect.

I adore evieeden. She is one of the most talented writer's in the Fandom and a phenomenal graphics artist. She did my first Fandom Fanatic banner. And you can still see the buttons she created for me on my associated affiliate sites as well as my Twitter avi.

evieeden has written many stories and my favorites are always the canon scenes she draws from Twilight. Still my favorite book in the saga.

Behind The Gym is a fabulous smutty one shot. This is an AH little tale of a wayward Bella and a sullen Edward. Very typical high school in attitude. Everyday Bella disappears at lunch to a secret place for a little quiet time. On this particular day, she is surprised by Edward in her little secret hide-a-way.

A little excerpt for you -

I began to trace circles of eight over his leg, each circle getting closer and closer to the top of his thigh. Eventually I stopped pretending to be subtle and move my entire hand over to cup the bulge that had steadily been swelling in his pants. He groaned as I did, finally giving up his pretence and thudding his head back against the wall.

"You're killing me." His voice was raspy from disuse and arousal.

"Not possible," I countered, my fingers sliding up to toy with the button-fly of his jeans. I tapped on it with a nail and then placed my hand back demurely in my lap.

"Hey!" he protested, finally turning his head to face me. "Why'd you stop?"

I smiled innocently. "Oh, I'm sorry. Was there something you wanted?"

This is definitely a quick fun read chock full of yummy smuttiness with a surprising ending. And that's the thing with evieeden's one shots, they could continue in to a multi chapter fic very easily.

Behind The Gym is no different. I can see this yummy tale going on further one day, if in my mind only...

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