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After being kidnapped by a vampire hunter, vampire bodyguard Yvette’s first instinct is to kill the bastard. But before she gets the chance, she realizes that he was double-crossed by the witch he was working for and now is in as much danger as she is.

To get his brother out of trouble, bounty hunter / vampire slayer Haven has to deliver the young actress Kimberly to a witch. Unfortunately, she’s protected by the very creature he hates most: a vampire.

As Yvette and Haven try to escape their prison and rescue the actress and Haven’s brother, will their natural hatred for each other keep them apart or is the passion that bubbles up between them strong enough for them to dare risk their lives to defeat the witch from harnessing the greatest power of all?

I being the alpha-male kind of gal was a little hesitant with this newest installment because I was unsure if Yvette as a central character would be able to carry an entire story. In the previous books she was portrayed as a very strong female vampire with her personal life closely guarded. She keeps everyone at a distance, including Gabriel who we thought she was initially in love with. As it turns out, she only thought she was because he was alone as she was and the assumption was they would wind up together. We quickly found out that was not the case.

Near the opening of the story, Yvette is doing some medical investigating with Maya, Gabriel’s mate, on the inability of female vampires to get pregnant. Not being able to have a baby is a look in to Yvette’s human past and why she keeps everyone at arms length. Unfortunately, this issue is never resolved in the book. It seemed a little glossed over and I would have liked to have seen it pursued a little more as it became very apparent it was the bain of Yvette’s existence.

The start of the story introduces us to Haven, the vampire hunter and Yvette’s love interest. The author gives a very good background why he hates vampires the way he does and his purpose for hunting them down. It also brings us in to the realm of witches which the author touched up briefly in the previous books and why they are the natural enemy of vampires.

The story also gives more of a feel for Zane who is the star of the author’s next book scheduled to be released at Christmas time.

The story has enough surprises to keep you reading, it’s hard to put down. All of the characters are great. It’s a pretty short story, like the previous books, I almost felt like it could have been longer. I love that characters from the other books keep showing back up and you see their stories continuing too, I feel like a few issues between Yvette and Haven were left up in the air, but in the past those type of things have been addressed in future books, so I hope that is the case here.

The synopsis of the story is Yvette is assigned to guard Kimberly, a young actress. Her initial meeting with Haven is very brief but sexually charged. Neither one of them realize they are vampire / vampire hunter. Haven is being blackmailed by a very powerful witch in to kidnapping Kimberly to save his brother. Haven succeeds in kidnapping Kimberly and taking Yvette hostage as well, for some reason he couldn’t bring himself to kill her. Once the pop star is presented to the witch, the witch turns on him and they are all now hostages of the witch. The witch was able to keep them all locked up by her magic which was very interesting and quite mythical. The story brings us in to the unlikely magnetic attraction of Yvette and Haven and their determination to escape as well as to find out why the witch is holding himself, his brother and Kimberly hostage. Yvette is just an added bonus to her with the assumption that Haven will kill her.

And while this is going on, we have our alpha-males, Samson, Amaury, Gabriel, and Zane searching for Yvette. And in the process of the search, a lot of Yvette’s human life is revealed explaining a lot of her standoffish behavior. There is a very touching scene that Zane uncovers in Yvette’s home showing that Yvette really is very soft hearted underneath her tough exterior.

The plot was very good and suspenseful. It also gave us a lot of information on witches and how the dynamic works with the vampires. There were many twists and turns through the entire story that I enjoyed as well.

I liked the book as a whole. Even with the lack of the authors usual romance and eroticism, Yvette deserved to find her other half after all she has gone through, but I really wanted to get to know her better, in a deeper way, but other than that, I liked the book very much as it was very action packed. And the ending was very surprising and not what I expected. A definite mystery unfolded before our eyes.

Caution: graphic and explicit sex scenes – not for the faint of heart.

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