Saturday, September 17, 2011

Announcing the Twilight LIKETOTALLY80s CONTEST!!!

Brought to you by Nolebucgrl, Mcgt2008, TwistedInMasen, GuardingKatmom, Caius09 and TwilightMomofTwo.

Remember the days when love was young, and jeans were bleached? When Parachute pants were all the rage and hair was big and teased to within an inch of it's life? When power ballads and cheesy love songs were what you listened to, when Judd Nelson, Patrick Swayze and Tom Cruise were every girl's dream? When Valley girls were the height of pop culture? Remember watching Pretty In Pink and Dirty Dancing for the first time? Or Maverick soaring high in the skies in that F-14 Tomcat?

Like, totally, right?

If you're a child of the 80s or if you simply love that decade, this contest is for you.

Write us a story about your favorite Twilight characters using one of the songs listed at

Set your story in that decade - we want to know what happened to the characters during the 80s.

First love? Teen pregnancy? New jobs, marriage, children? Perhaps they went to College? Played in a band? Or maybe they dealt with loss, grief and angsty times? Listening to that one song over and over because it described exactly how they felt? Anything goes - as long as the story takes place during the 80s.

If your choice is already taken we will ask you to pick another
Submissions will be accepted from 9/17/11 until 10/30/11

For rules and submissions -
FanFic profile -

Organizer/Poster/Mail Handler:
TwilightMomoftwo (@twilightmomofto)

Meet the Judges:
Nolebucgrl (@NoleBucGrl)
Caius09 (@Caius09)
MCGT2008 (@mcgt2008)
Katmom (@GuardingKatmom)

And our most wonderful banner maker:
TwistedInMasen (@TwistedIn_)

Disclaimer: Twilight and its characters belongs to Stephenie Meyer. No copyright infringement is intended.

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