Saturday, September 17, 2011

En Pointe by GingerWombatkat

Summary: For Beyond the Pale: The treaty left Bella his slave, but serving a vampire who demands perfection is a challenge. BxE VERY DARKWARD, Mature content, read at your own risk.

Published: 9/7/10 Last Updated: 7/30/11 Chapters: 11 Status: WIP

Be warned as the author says, not for the faint of heart, very Darkward and not a Darkward that see's the light, fall's in love, and becomes all sparkly. Love does not "save" him, not in a way many are used to. Nooooo, not our Gingerward as he is known to us. He is dark through and through and remains dark.

The summary sums it up, Bella is Edward's slave, his sexual slave. Chapter 1 throws you in to the pool head first with no lifejacket, if you survive it, you will LOVE this story. I absolutely adore the story. It is so well written with so many nuances that you really need to pay attention to the written word, no skimming or lurking, you will not understand the relationship unless you delve right in. 

Many try to write dark and taboo subject matter. Many fail by turning the story in to continuous smut and lose the story line or it turns in to out right abuse with no story line. There is nothing worse than a story losing it's path. And in the end I am so upset with the writer and appalled at other readers that leave reviews stating the story is "hot", "can't wait for more". I can not understand that. Any story that is just smut becomes boring and I lose interest. Same as when it is just abuse with no substance, reasoning, or understanding.

Those writers and readers frustrate me to no end.

GingerWombatkat will not disappoint. She is absolutely gifted with the ability to write dark subject matter without you screaming and running for the hills.

If you love a dark Edward, stories with a D's quality, and intelligently written stories, you will love this story.

Come and visit with Gingerward for a spell, you will not be leaving any time soon....

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