Thursday, April 16, 2015

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All Quinn Dorsey wants is a white picket fence fairy tale. But after another failed relationship, and her biological clock ticking double time, she's decided happily-ever-after isn't in the Tarot cards. Forget Cupid, it's time to take matters into her own hands. A simple seduction should do the trick, but then everything that can go wrong...does!

Dak Savage isn't interested in commitment. He's been burned by women before - lied to, used, even shot. Hell, he considers women a curse and has one rule he never breaks - don't pick up women in bars. But when he agrees to a guys' night out and meets up with feisty, fast talking Quinn, his rule shatters like a dropped shot glass.

A one night stand turns into a long weekend and as Quinn tries to abandon her ridiculous scheme, she finds herself nose-to-nose and toe-to-toe with the best mistake she's ever made.

 Release Date: April 16, 2015 
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The doorbell tinkled as the patron left, and Raynie locked the door behind him. “Ooh, hurry. Come here. There’s Rico.”

Quinn spun around. “Who’s Rico?”

“The tattoo parlor guy.”

Quinn moved to stand beside her friend and froze in place, staring out the front window. Tattoo Man swung his leg over the Harley, as if dismounting a pommel horse worthy of a perfect ten.  

He removed his helmet, strapped it to the cycle, and threaded fingers through long, dark hair. Tribal tats began at his biceps, ran up his shoulders, and disappeared beneath a sleeveless black leather vest. 

He wore tight jeans, faded in all the right places. He adjusted his junk and went inside his shop. 

Quinn drew a ragged breath. “Lord Jesus. He’s…he’s….”

“Yeah,” Raynie whispered. “The word you’re searching for is hot. I can introduce you.”

Quinn clutched her throat, and wondered how just the sight of a guy could make her nerve endings crackle, because she had some serious electricity running through her. 

“I wouldn’t know what to do with him.”

“That’s the beauty of it. He’d take care of the doing. Oh, I almost forgot. How’d the date go?”

“It didn’t. He stood me up. Can you believe that?”

 “That’s awful. Rico could make you forget this horrible evening.” Raynie let out a long, dramatic sigh, then flashed a grin.

“Why haven’t you been with him?”

Her smile widened. “Who says I haven’t?”

Quinn scrunched up her face. “Ewww. Then I’m not interested for sure. I have a strict moral code. I don’t share penises with friends.”

About the Author:

Ann's been married to the same man since dirt. She hates talking on the phone. Loves shopping at thrift stores. A really sharp pencil makes her happy, and she's glad wrinkles aren't painful.

She lives on a small lake in Texas.


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