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In the land of Hollywood, bright lights cover lies, truths hide in shadows, and the lives of the rich and famous are illusions created by smoke and mirrors.

When costume designer Josie Bane first lays eyes on Anders Ellis, she hates him instantly. Conceited and arrogant, he's the epitome of a Hollywood playboy. So it’s much to Josie’s dismay when he becomes the star of her sexual fantasies.

Never expecting to see him again, she gives in to her desires for a night she’ll never forget. However, Josie soon learns that life is full of surprises. When their paths cross again, sparks fly. With three little words, Anders changes everything.

He’s after one thing.

She refuses to give it to him... again.

When Josie realizes she’s falling for a man that will never let her in but refuses to let her go, she must decide if the risk is worth the reward.

With a relationship shrouded in secrets and outside forces poised to tear them apart, did they ever stand a chance? Before the smoke clears and the curtain falls, Josie and Anders must distinguish between what’s fact and what’s fiction in a place where the truth is never black and white.

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Published December 15th 2014
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I loved the story! An amazing debut for the author and am so thrilled to be part of her tour. And even more excited I got a chance to peak inside her brain!! Let's see what Olivia had to say shall we...

What gave you the idea for Hollywood and Vine?

On my drive to work one morning the song Glycerine by Bush came on the radio. As I listened to the lyrics a character started to develop. It was this crazy attractive guy who had a whole heap of issues. He was closed off and stubborn, guarded and selfish. Slowly a scene started unfolding. The image was so vivid. I saw the guy standing next to a window. He looked so angry and stubborn, but also sad, hurt. He seemed so torn, unsure, unsettled.

It must be your skin I'm sinking in
Must be for real 'cause now I can feel
And I didn't mind, it's not my kind
It's not my time to wonder why

It was so clear that he was struggling with his feelings. His head and his heart were at war. 

Every thing's gone white and every thing's gray
Now you're here, now you're away
I don't want this, remember that
I'll never forget where you're at

He didn't want to care about anyone or anything. He didn't want to be sad or upset about the girl in his bedroom slamming drawers as she packed her things. He was damaged and wouldn't allow himself to trust anyone. Not again. He’d been burned badly and the walls he’d erected were nearly impenetrable.

I'm never alone, I'm alone all the time
Are you at one or do you lie
We live in a wheel where everyone steals
But when we rise, it's like strawberry fields

When the girl came into view in the scene, the look on her face seriously made my stomach knot. 
Whatever happened between those two was bad and both were hurting. Underneath the hurt, however, there was also a spark in her eyes, a stubborn determination that would not relent. 

If I treated you bad, you bruise my face
Couldn't love you more, you got a beautiful taste
Don't let the days go by
Could have been easier on you

He yells at her to believe him and she refuses. There’s a computer on the table and a tabloid website is open with his picture on the screen. What the pictures show look bad. Really bad. It starts to make sense then, he’s messed up, and she’s done.  He knows he’s wrong. He wants to beg her to stay, but he’s so broken that instead he does what he’s done for years, he shuts down and that’s that.

I couldn't change though I wanted to
Should have been easier by three
Our old friend 'Fear' and you and me

When I finally got to work, I flew out of my car like my butt was on fire, opened a word document, and spend the next four hours outlining the entire story playing that song on repeat. The rest is history! 

Who was your favorite character to write? Why? 

That’s a tough one because I really enjoyed writing both Anders and Josie. They each had things about them that drew me into the character. If I had to pick though, I’d probably have to say Madison. LOL She’s such a fun character and always made me laugh because I swear I could hear some of my friends saying some of the things she would say to Josie. 

Do you have a favorite space you like to write in?

I’m working on that. LOL I usually write wherever I can find a quiet spot, but that’s not the easiest thing to do when you have a family. I’m currently turning our spare bedroom into a guest room/writing room. I might even put a “no boys allowed” sign on the door. 

I really enjoyed your debut and as a newly published author, it must have been nerve wracking and exciting for you. How was that initial feeling seeing your story published? 

I think I probably had the strangest reaction ever. The day it was released, my friends sent me a ton of crazy excited messages and I just couldn't get excited with them. I think I tried to hide about a dozen times that day and they called me on it every time. To be honest, it was the most stressful, terrifying feeling ever. It’s hard to be excited when you've basically exposed yourself to the world to be judged. If that doesn't make you want to lose your lunch, I don’t know what will. 

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to start writing? 

Just do it. If you look for excuses to put it off, you’ll find them every time. 

Are you working on anything right now you would like to tell us about?

I’m currently working on a book tentatively called Brooklyn & Beale. There will be times that it intersects with the characters from Hollywood & Vine. So for anyone who wanted a peek into Josie & Anders lives, this book will take place about a year after the end of Hollywood & Vine. My goal is to finish Brooklyn & Beale and one other book by the end of this year. I’ll be crossing my fingers and toes that I can make that happen!

If you could live in one period of time, when would that be?

Man, this is a hard one. I’m such a 90’s girl. I loved everything about the decade. But I also have a serious love for all things Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, & Jimi Hendrix. I think it would have been amazing to grow up with them, to experience the 60’s. I would have been an awesome hippy. Sigh. 

One materialistic thing you can’t live without?

Any device that plays music. 

Thanks Olivia for allowing me to poke and prod some info out of you!

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About the Author:

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Olivia Evans is a dreamer by day, writer by night. She's obsessed with music and loves discovering new bands. Traveling the world and watching the sun set in every time zone sounds like heaven to her. A true Gemini, she follows her heart blindly and lives life to the fullest with her husband, son, and friends. 

Her other loves are: Chuck Taylors, Doc Martens, concert tees, gangster movies, sports, wine, craft beer and her shih tzu's.

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