Sunday, August 3, 2014

It’s time for Round 9 of The Twilight 25! 

Sign up anytime between now and August 31
Prompts will be revealed on September 1
This round will be featuring a central character

The Challenge:

The Twilight Twenty-Five is a challenge to write 25 pieces of fiction based on predetermined prompts within a three month period.

Round 9 Rules:

For Round 9, you must select a central character. This character must be the focus of each of your 25 pieces. You can write from their viewpoint or someone else’s, but they must be an integral part of each prompt you write. Choose carefully. Character changes are not allowed. You may write a combination of drabbles, flash fiction, and one-shots, but none of your pieces are allowed to relate to another. Please read the full rules before you begin.

Sign Up:

The deadline to enter the challenge is midnight CST on August 31.


A list of Round 9 Participants can be viewed after September 1.


View the Round 9 Prompts on September 1.

Submitting Your Work:

You have until midnight CST on November 30 to post and submit your work in order to complete the challenge. You are welcome to post your work anywhere you’d like as long as you post it as 25 chapters in a single story.  

Participants who complete the challenge by the deadline will receive a personalized banner and be listed in the Hall of Fame.

Important Dates:
August 2, 2014: Sign-up begins
August 31, 2014: Sign-up closes
September 1, 2014: Prompts revealed/challenge begins
November 30, 2014: Deadline to post completed challenge

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