Sunday, July 13, 2014

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So while stalking around twitter last night, I stumbled across a very interesting tweet from @anhanninen: 


It seems @AddictedToFic started the whirlwind up with this:

This has taken shape fast but I think it's happening! 
Meet up October 18th in NYC! For just the day or whole weekend. 
Please RT!!!

Then @MarthaKeely and @Dreamweaver94 joined in, and we were off and running!

Now this is not the official TFMU, that would be amazing if next year it was East Coast, this is just two people coming in to New York and others in the area that can come for the day. I live in NYC so I am totally game!

The date is definitely set for October 18 but could stretch to the 19th depending on how many people can come and what people's plans are for the weekend.

Because Manhattan can be extremely pricey, we were talking about meeting in Brooklyn. As a native New Yorker, I suggested Dumbo. It's Downtown Brooklyn right by the Brooklyn Bridge and only one stop from Lower Manhattan.

I thought a fun thing would be a walking tour over the Brooklyn Bridge. It starts at Lower Manhattan which is a very easy meeting place for everyone, and you walk over the bridge with a tour guide who tells you about the history of the bridge, which is pretty cool and the area of Dumbo where the tour ends. 

There is Brooklyn Bridge Park, Jane's Carousel, and the Promenade. Ton's of stuff in the area to choose from for a fun day.

The whole tour is 2 1/2 hours which still gives plenty of time for restaurants, bars, book stores, shopping, and major socializing!

If your interested, we have a sign up form so we can gauge how many could attend. There is also a spot for suggestions and thoughts.

This is just the start up phase, so the interest and feedback we get, the more we can figure out and plan.

I am super excited because it's happening!!!

Follow on twitter for details: @NYCTFMU

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